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Angenieux 16-44mm 1:0.95 zoom for Aaton LTR s16mm

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I have an old yet in pretty good condition, Angenieux 16-44mm 1:0.95 zoom. Would love some advice from anyone who's familiar with this lens. I tried to google this lens but there's very little information out there.


It says 1:0.95, but what's the F & T stop on this lens?

How common/rare and good/bad is this lens? I ran few test rolls on my Aaton s16 LTR but I don't know enough to tell if this is any better/worse than other Angenieux zoom lens.

What is the mount on this lens?


Here's some photos:






Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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It's a T1.3 lens, I suspect you may find that on the aperture ring. Never used it, but I knew someone that owned one and was happy with the results,


It never really took off, I think people wanted to use the Zeiss Super Speeds instead. I gather it doesn't cover Super 16,


Looks like an Aaton mount.

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Hi Brian & Jean-Louis,


Thanks for the quick response!


I looked at the lens again, it says T 1.2.. I've seen someone calling this T1.1, others T1.3. not sure which to go by?


Has anyone bought/sold equipment through Pro Video & Film in Dallas Tx?

I've never sold camera equipment before, not sure which is the best path to go on. Either eBay or via 3rd party companies like Pro Video & Film.


appreciate the help

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Hey Matthew,

This is intriguing but may not be usefull. I have a pamphlet dated 1980 from Soremec Eclair USA Inc which lists the 16-44 lens at USD6645.00. To put that in perspective, the 12-120 was USD4085.


Today, the 12-120 is not worth much, but maybe the 16-44 is.

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hi Gregg,


Thanks for the info. I found a site where they actually mentioned a price back in the 80's:



Several folks are calling this a T1.3, but on the camera barrel it goes down to 1.2 - shouldn't we call it a T1.2? I've seen few referencing this as T1.1. sigh..


back to more digging around..

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Hi Phillip,


I wish I had some good footage to share. I bought it to learn the basics of film making back in 2001, never ended up transferring anything. Only shot few rolls and haven't been touched since. Probably going to put it up on eBay and someone can put it to good use.

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