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Hello all,


I have recently bought an Angenieux 12-120mm type 10x12 B lens for the Blackmagic Pocket Camera.


Upon buying this lens, I believed it to be a C mount; to my surprise, it is not. Could someone help me identify what type of mount this lens has exactly?






John W. King

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John, you may already be aware that those 12-120s don't cover a S16 frame, and are quite soft. I really liked the smooth manual zoom action hand held, but that was with an 8kg camera sitting on my shoulder. Maybe a rig with some masses can create similar inertial properties.


Can you just get an Arri-S adapter for the pocket cam?

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Yes. Adapters are plentiful and cheap to go to PL and MFT but as stated this lens won't cover the sensor all the way.


MFT Adapter at B&H


At least not on the wide end.


I can't remember the exact point it stopped vignetting when I tried the same combo out (Angie 12X120 + Arri S to MFT adapter + Blackmagic pocket), but I think it was around 50mm.


Although my adapter was a bit cheaper.



Honestly, the combo didn't work out that well.

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