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Bolex Parts - loop former adjustment screw

Beau House

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Hello all.


I'm looking for advice on how to find replacement parts for a Bolex Rex 4.


I recently bought an underutilized kit and have been cleaning it up and trying to get it running again. It's in fairly decent shape, but I discovered that the screw for adjusting the position of the lower loop former is missing. I know it'd be best to send the camera to a technician for a proper overhaul, but my budget is low and it would be expensive relative to the cost of the kit. It'd be a shame to end up not using it because of something so small.


A side note to the contributors here: I've been a lurker on this forum for awhile and have learned a lot reading through old threads. Thanks for that - and for any input you may have on this topic.


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Contact Mr. Bolex himself, Jean-Louis Seguin in Montreal. I suspect he would charge a very modest amount for your required screw, i.e. bolextech@gmail.com. I would not operate the Bolex transport for an extended period of time absent that screw.



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Agreed, if there is anything I can't do myself with my Bolexes, I send it to Jean-Louis. In my experience, he is hands down the best Bolex technician I have had the pleasure to work with. His CLA rates are quite reasonable and you get a superb job done on your equipment.


However, I have a spare screw for you from one of my parts cameras that I will give you if you don't mind taking care of the shipping.


PM me if you're interested.


Sincerely, Respectfully,

Robert M. Ditto

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Thanks for the advice everyone. I considered running it without the screw and just being careful when loading to make sure the bottom loop looks right. Ultimately I’d like to get it back into top form though. It’s great to hear about a reliable tech like Jean-Louis / aka “Mr Bolex” . It’s even better for me that he’s in Canada.

@Robert, I’ll definitely PM you about that screw.

Thanks again everyone.

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