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Hi All,


I was just wondering whether anyone would be able to comment on their experiences with both Cinelab London and iDailies. Ideally, I'm looking for those who have used both companies and would be able to provide some kind of comparison. I understand that the differences between the two will mostly boil down to pricing and service, but I wondered whether their telecines and scans differed at all. (They do both, Cinelab in particular, have a number of option with regards to the type of scan they will give you - HD, 2K Spirit, 4K, etc.)


I'd be interested to know also whether people are mainly shooting 16mm or 35mm these days. I am planning to shoot a short up in the North York Moors so if anyone has any suggestions for any labs nearer to Yorkshire that would be great, although I am not sure that there are any left!


Thank you all for your help!





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dont know whether this is too old to comment for you but Cinelab London have come back with prices and feedback which feeds me with confidence about them....I told them from the off Im a cinema "nobody" who will be sending less than 1000ft per project probably and thus trying to find my way and create a workflow and they were more than helpful with one person communicating fast to me

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I started to use Cinelab when it was Bucks, I told them that I was just an individual and wasn't going to send in a lot of film, probably 800ft each time at the most, Cinelab is small and intimate, the staff there is very helpful, I always am in touch with one person, they offered to show me around in the lab, I went down and had a tour, I was very impressed, their quality is excellent and they are very nice and helpful. The cost of processing, scanning and quality at Idailies wasn't different, but I felt they lacked people skills. Idailies is now the Kodak Lab in London, they are now pretty helpful too.



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