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Arri BL4 red lights

rob spence

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The red light on the left, right under the plastic cover for the fuse and speed control - 24/25/30 fps, is an indicator light that indicates the camera is running. The one to the right of it is possibly an out-of-sync warning light or it is an out-of sync beep volume control, but this depends on which variation of the BL-4 you have. A pic of the back of your camera would be helpful. You should try to find a copy of Jon Fauer's 'The ARRI 35 Book', I know, it is rare.

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Ah, you mean the LEDs on the PCB. Don't they indicate the selected speed- so only one would be on at a time, depending whether you were at 24 or 25?

Though they do appear to have some little hieroglyphics under them.
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Sorry, I was thinking about the large red light. You are correct, there are 2 LEDs under the plastic cover (thanks for the pic). I had to dig the book out......


The LED on the left illuminates if your main power supply polarity is REVERSED. Immediately unplug your power cable!! Pin 1 of the main power receptacle is minus. Pin 4 is plus 12 volts DC. The .75A power fuse will blow if plus and minus are reversed.


The main 15A power fuse will most likely blow. The 7A accessory fuse should also be checked.


The LED on the right will glow when the 15A main fuse or the 7A accessory fuse blow. These fuses are located inside the motor compartment.


The fuse located under the plastic cover at the right is the .75A fuse protecting the camera electronics. The fuse at the left is a spare.


Is your power supply polarity reversed??


The screw head in your pic is for adjusting the volume of the out-of-sync beep.

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Charlie, many thanks for this...great info.

I think the polarity was indeed reversed causing the problems.

So the fuse on the left is merely a spare.

Does your book say how to access the motor compartment? I'm now presuming the 15A and 7A fuses must have blown.

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I've opened the motor case and the fuses are visible at top left. The 7A fuse comes out easily but the 15 A fuse is slightly more awkward. Does the book have any instructions? I'm presuming that the circuit boards have to be hinged upwards for access?

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