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Arri SR belt

Gabriele Turchi

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hi there

does anyone know where i could find a Arri SR belt (the one on the front attached to the motor) at a reasonable price ?(wondering if contacting Arri is the only hope it or if there are 3rd party solution ) my belt seems to be old and might break soon (see attachment (had 2 cameras which broke the belt recently after 7-8 years of no running , the one i am using now i think is making a bit of extra noise because not a tight as should be perhaps ..))


thank you all






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If there are any established rental houses in your area that used to rent SRs you could ask if they have any spare belts, I know the last rental house I worked for had a few still in the parts drawers.


I have a vague memory that the belt is exactly the same as the one used in a follow focus arm, but can't recall if it was an Arri or Chrosziel FF. They are pretty standard timing belts, you might find a company that sells something with the same tooth pitch and length.

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If you can do it without damaging the belt, measure the width, length and count the teeth. I can't tell the scale from the picture, but I suspect it's a T-type T2.5 or T5- the number is the pitch in mm. They come in 4,6,8 and 10mm widths and with various number of teeth. Then google for a supplier.

I wish my Steenbeck took them and not the obsolete DRs which cost ten times the price.

Alternatively I'm sure Arri will tell you the belt spec. You're hardly trying to bypass their dealer network nowadays.
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Here in the States one of the go-to suppliers for small timing belts is Stock Drive Products in New Jersey.

They stock small gear and belt drive components in a truly dazzling array of sizes, both imperial and metric 


Your belt is almost certainly a standard product. The trick is always figuring out exactly which of the roughly ten million standards it is.


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