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Rehoused 14mm Canon FD - What is the deal?

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Looking for more info on this rehoused 14mm f2.8L. Just got a great deal on ebay. There was little info on the post and the guy didn't get back to me. From the photos I thought it was PL, but it's wider and the seat is deeper. Any ideas on the source of the rehouse or the mount?





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Hi Will,

I've seen this style of rehousing come up online a few times in the past, usually with a Canon, Zeiss (Contax), or Olympus lens inside. I've seen them described as rehousings by Cineovision, a Japanese company, but I don't know if that's accurate information.

The lens you have was probably a good rehousing for its time, but it doesn't go as far as rehousings of today - it still has the compressed focus scale of the original stills lens, and you can even see the original barrel at the front of the lens.

I wouldn't say for sure that it's impossible to convert this to PL, though it will likely require custom work and complete removal of the current mount. The BNCR flange depth is longer than PL. (I've even seen (only online) a handful of BNCR lenses that are dual BNCR/PL, which would imply that the PL flange can fit inside the BNCR mount.) You'll need to put the lens in front of a professional to get a definite answer.

In addition to Duclos, I can recommend Jorge of cinematechnic.com who has done excellent work for me a few times.

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Thanks Daniel. I've heard Cineovision elsewhere as well. Quick search looks like their work though I can't find any info about them.


Got a quote from Jacek of Optitek. He said he's done this swap in the past plus would ad gears. It's not an unreasonable price but for double could get a new rehouse altogether. You think that's the better move for longevity considering the work Cineovision does?

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Whether a full rehousing is necessary depends on what you want from the lens. If only you will be using it, and you only intend to use it for grabbing wide shots, just switching the mount would be fine assuming it's otherwise in good shape mechanically.

Rehousing could offer a lot of benefits - an expanded and smoother focus throw, and better compatibility/longevity when used with wireless follow-focus motors, would be two big improvements that a modern rehousing could offer over the 1980s housing your lens is in now.

If you intend to rent the lens to anyone else, I think a full rehousing makes a great deal of sense.

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On 4/18/2018 at 6:24 PM, Will Wertz said:

Great! Thank you Ignacio.

This looks to be a Cineovision rehousing for Sanwa rental house in China. These were apparently Cineovision versions of the K35s, so rehousing Canon FD glass.

The housings are different to the standard Cineovision rehousings, which used a mixture of base lenses, mainly Zeiss Contax, OM, some FD, Carl Zeiss Jena, Leica and possibly some Zeiss Standard Speeds. I have several of these lenses, a mix of PL and BNCR.

Attached is a 24mm Cineovision, also made for Sanwa.


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