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directing in Spanish tips please

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I'll be shooting a short later this year that will be in Spanish (English subtitles). The cast will all be Spanish speaking as well as some of the crew. I, however, know only a few words of the language. There won't be a communication issue as everyone speaks English as well but I'm making an effort to learn a bit of Spanish for a variety of reasons (some related to this shoot, some not). I realize that I can look up Spanish words for "action", "cut", etc but those terms may not be the terms a Mexican director would use when directing a shoot in Mexico. What would be some useful & proper terms, phrases, etc that I should learn specifically from the directing perspective. Thanks, Tom

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Well, I'm Spanish and in Spain we use the same terms that English speakers use, in English 90% of the time.


From a directorial perspective you might find useful the following one:

- ¡Ahora que hemos terminado yo invito a las cervezas!

- Now that we have finished I'll pay for the beers!


Anyways, here are some Spanish cinema terms for you:


- Plano General

- Wide Shot


- Plano Corto

- Close Up


- Plano de los dos

- Two Shot


- Contraplano

- Reverse shot / reversal


If you have anything more specific in mind, please let me know and I'll give you the appropriate translation :)


Have a lovely day and good luck! :)

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