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16mm Diffusion Filters

Moritz Matlik

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Hey everybody.


Does anyone of you have experience with using diffusion filters (like hollywood blackmagic or promist) while shooting 16mm.

Would love to see some examples or projects where you used some filters.


Thank you!



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Sorry for only getting back to this thread now.
By now only the rushes from the project are left, so the grabs are quite compressed.
The short I used them on was also more than one and a half years ago (feels like 3 with the pandemic), so I don't exactly remember my exact setup. Material was 7219 and lens was a 25mm Superspeed Mk3, shot at around 4-5.6 if my memory serves me right.

Here's a link to a scene where I either overexposed by 2 Stops and used a BPM 1/8, or overexposed by 2/3s of a stop and didn't use a BPM. 
As I can't find the camera report anymore, you'll have to guess what is what. -I know, I know, very scientific.

However, what you'll realize looking at the grabs, is that they don't look that different. 
My take is, that if you want to have your diffusion stand out more on 16mm, it might make sense to favour stronger filters over what you are used to from digital, as 16mm is usually "softer" from the get go. If it doesn't need to have a highly diffused look, I think diffusion filters aren't that necessary.
Of course this depends on what material you use, what lens, what stop, how you expose and what kind of lighting is used...

These are just my feelings and thoughts, not scientificly proven at all, so if anybody feels I'm in the wrong, you are welcome to correct me!

Next year I'll do a camera test with some diffusions and report back.

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Hi Luis thanks for your experience thats really cool.

I am Shooting soon on aaton xtr, zeiss 12 mm + zeiss zoom 20-120 + eventually 7219. A dance performance in a studio with natural light coming from the top, in a hangar/industrial location that has about that offers a T4 level at 500 iso.

I am therefore seeking for example of filter use on 16 mm. It can go from glimmer, black promised to much stronger effect filters like stars . As the lightning will be natural and i do not intend to put any lights, i am asking myself if there is a way to have a strong and radical effect with a filter that is monochromatic and what it would look like (i suggested stars filter but i do not see their use in my configuration given the natural light and the fact that i will not have sources in the field of view that can play the effect, so it might be underused ...)

if that can inspire you or someone else who has experience and footage to share , i am all ears ! 

PS : non-chromatic special FX filter are prefered 😉


Thanks to Moritz for the thread 😉  and best regard to all technicians and artists here 




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