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Krasnogorsk - 3 / Nikon mount

Mendes Nabil

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Hi all!


I've seen in a really old topic that someone had his K3 converted into a Nikon mount camera, does someone knows where can i buy such a mount and how to make that conversion?

I would like to use my Zeiss ZF2 lenses, i'm sure this mod will benefit the overall quality, and to be honest, i'm quite sceptic about the original Meteor lens of the camera..

Thanks for your help all!

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Thanks Mark!

Do you know of someone with the right skill? In Europe preferably? I will reach out to rental companies here in Paris, let's pray..

And does someone know if this conversion will really benefit the K3 camera? Or is the Meteor lens best suited for that beast?

Thanks all!

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Nikon lenses are good. The lens that comes with the camera is not bad, it's actually kind of good, the thing is if you want to convert the camera to S16 the Meteor (kit lens) is not going to cover the S16 area below the 27mm position.

Technically it is possible to convert the camera to Nikon mount since the focal flange distance of the Nikons is longer than the M42 one. I just got a K3 in like new condition, and I'm going to convert it to S16 and I'm going to try to give it a Canon EF mount.

You can always use M42 lenses too, but to be honest if your camera is not S16 and if you don't need wider or longer lenses, I think the Meteor works just fine or better than other ones. Lenses designed to cover the 35mm full frame can cause internal reflections. I used M42 lenses with another camera and I didn't see any problems really, but you are adding another factor of risk.


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Thanks Ruben!


The K3 is in Super 16 format yes, i would like to use my ZF2 Zeiss "25mm f.2 - 100mm macro f.2 and 135mm f.2", i think i will greatly benefit from this setup..

From what i've seen, the Meteor lacks a little bit of sharpness and punch in its color rendition..

Please let me know how your Canon conversion went, are you planning to do it on your own?

As for getting the focal depth correct, is that a complex task or a lens specialist can make it?

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Well if your camera was converted to S16 I think it's a good idea to use other lenses, so you can take advantage of the S16 area, but don't forget that you get a 3X crop factor with S16, so a 135mm is going to have a field of view of 405mm for example, if that's what you need great, and you can get some 8mm lenses with Nikon mount now, so I think it's a good idea.


Focal Depth or focal flange distance is both easy and complex. It's easy because as long as you have a lens set to the proper distance (46.5mm for Nikon) the lens is going to work as intended. The difficult part is to get it there. I'm not a camera technician by the way, but I understand how those things work. So basically your technician has to adjust the lens so it is centered and then with proper tools set the focal flange distance properly, by measuring obviously and then when it's close to proper distance they use shims to extend the distance or they have to machine the part to reduce the distance depending on the case, so easy to understand it, not so easy to do it. A camera technician should be able to do it, specially one who can modify or make parts using a lathe or a CNC machine.

I got a K3 with the only intention of converting it and modify it in several ways. I have some manual Canon lenses so in my case I want to go that way. I'm going to design mount and 3d print a prototype and if everything works fine I'll have it machined. I'll let you know how it goes.

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I'm coming to this late, but does anyone have any experience of successfully using such adaptors? As I mention in another thread, I've tried one, but though it means I can put Nikon lenses on my K3, because of the flange distance issue they won't focus. Would I need one with a glass element?

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