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I am trying to understand how this phenomenon can occur, In the movie '' Good Time '' of the Safdie brothers, I have noticed several times that the highlights that flare restore the source, not by a glow but by drawing of it. In the case of the example number 1 we see that the text in the window is present as a flare but that, it does not make a ring / point in flare but a reproduction of lettering neons. In example 2 the flare corresponds to the bulb pattern of the carousel.

Can someone explain to me if this effect is due to a phenomenon of the used optics, a lens filter effect, or post-production?
I am French mother tongue I hope that I managed to make myself understood.

I thank you in advance.





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It's an inverted ghost reflection between the lens and a filter, or between the lens elements, or between the lens and the sensor (if digital).  Sometimes the effect is called narcissus though I'm not sure if that's correct.  If you want to see a lot of them, and anamorphic flares to boot, look at the first part of the Playboy Bunny scene in "Apocalypse Now" as the boat passes the lights.

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Hi David,
thanks for the quick reply, I looked again at the Apocalypse Now scene and the effect is the exact same as in '' Good Time ''. With the only difference that '' Good Time '' was shot in 2 perf with spherical lenses. So according to what you explained to me above, the distance between the filter and the optics could do that, right? A simple '' clear glass filter '' with a little distance could do that? or is it better that I use a '' glimmer glass '' to accentuate the effect in your opinion? what would be the best option to reproduce this in your opinion?
once again thank you for your answer.


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If you want to enforce them you can use a Clear-Filter and a Mattebox on Rods where you can adjust the distance of the Filters to the Lens. On some Commercials i used a Clearfilter on a micro-clamp and a nogaarm mounted flexible controllable in front of the Lens to get some Light reflections.

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