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Davinci Color Different

Thein Win

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Hi all

I am having a bad time with this grading I exported from Davinci Resolve. I am seeing different color on different device. On my laptop screen it looks rich in color. But on phone and other laptop screen it looks desaturated and more color shift towards green. Can someone help me and tell me why this happening please. 

Is there anything i need to do in color management settings? 

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Many screens will be calibrated differently, so your footage will look different on different screens. 

You can't control the settings of every screen someone views your work on and will have accept it's going to look different on different screens. You other laptop screen might be naturally more green, but you only noticed it when you compair the same footage on both. 

The way we try to get the best result is to grade on a properly calibrated screen, that way you can be sure that when its shown on other calibrated screens the look is consistent. 

If your don't have a way to calibrate the screen of your laptop (and it will never be as accurate as professional reference monitor), look at your grade on multiple screens and try to choose a compromise that works well for the most screens. 

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Your laptop screen is possibly “wide gamut” and will show false intense colors.

your phone and tablet apps correct for this and thus show desaturated colors.

So, you must grade on a calibrated display in the correct color space or all will be wrong!

and each device will always be different as well. And there’s not much you can do about it.

You have a bit of a learning curve here and I suggest you start with the liftgammagain.com forum.

And.. learning Photoshop color management might also be a good idea to understand the basics.

There are many books about Photoshop, so that’s why I recommend it.

Good luck!

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Thanks everyone for taking time and reply. I manually color corrected my screen to match my iPhone. I find iPhone screen to somewhat accurate and better looking. I couldn’t get it to match exactly but manage to get rid of red color cast. But I guess calibrating with devices like spyder or xrite is the better option. Once again thanks everyone, this helps clear my mind. Thought my Davinci is the problem for a moment and how I shot it. 

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This is what I manage to get after manual calibration. It really does make a different. Even then it will still look different on your screen anyway ?129D53EC-80EF-4792-8C36-F9B34A1B46B5.thumb.jpeg.76cd3afff688cdc2ee36f50e94c41e83.jpeg


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I started using Resolve for editing and color grading, well actually for everything. But on the first couple of projects that I did I had the same problem. 

Colors looked great on the monitor of the computer where I was working on but not much elsewhere. 
So I did a little digging and figured out that the problem was the color space I was working in and learning more about this I finally found a solution.

The solution was regardless of what color space I was working in is to set the entire project from what ever color profile to sRGB and that in fact fixed most of the problems. The end result looked consistent of the computer, on the phone and on TVs. I also tried it on a projector screen in a screening room. All looked good.

When you're done with grading just add a node to the whole project and add a color space transformation plugin and change form whatever you're doing to sRGB.

I don't know if this is the exact correct solution and I believe as far as I was reading that there should be a different video for each medium which I understand complacently but for me it was a solution for the medias that stream youtube and similar sites.

Hope it helps and best of luck.

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