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Charging for Consumables such as Gels?

Sam Bignell

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Hey Everyone!

I have quite a good assortment of gels from party to technical etc etc

When people rent or when I'm on  a job that requires one the gels to be Cut or modified how do you go about charging for the usage of that Gel? Especially when it's being rented and being cut up from it's good size?

Most my gels are precut "Sheets" from Stage Depot for like £7, Is it ok to charge for a new "sheet" of the used gel?



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If they use a new sheet, then I'd charge for it, and they can keep it after production if they wish.  Of course you should make an agreement on gels before the start of production so there are no misunderstandings.

I wouldn't charge for scraps left over from previous productions though.

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