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Aaton cheese plate & full HD video tap

David Sekanina

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19 hours ago, David Sekanina said:

I looked again at the AZ full HD tap for the XTR Prod (PDF and video) and it has the exact same rolling bar at 24fps.

Yea, it's just harder to see on his video. It's no really "flicker" it's the typical mirror and camera out of sync bar that happens when there is half a black frame on certain frames. It's quite common when using a standard 3 blade film projector to capture video with a home camcorder. 

Yea it's not the end of the world. Thanks for clarifying. 

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Posted (edited)

I get a lot of requests recently for the cheese plate. It is sold out and I wont manufacture new ones.

The video tap for the XTR Plus and XTR Prod will be upgraded and available by July/August with an internal DC/DC, an iris control for very bright scenes, and click wheel for the settings. It'll be around the same price as the one from VP and AZ.


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If you're based in the US, it's probably easier to get one from AZ or VP. The new tap cannot be installed by the user. If you really want mine bc of the click wheel or any other reason, I can ask Charles Pickel if he's interested in doing the installation.

You must have a body with the side video tap port (not all XTR Plus do) and the beam splitter and relay lens installed.


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