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Currently in Pre-Production on my first feature

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Hey gang! Some press regarding my first feature film is starting to come out and I'm really excited to step foot on set. We have been in pre-production for the past few months and some amazing actors have been cast such as Ty Simpkins from Iron Man 3 and Jurassic World and Anneliese Judge from Netflix's Sweet Magnolias. 

Here's a neat write up from Comic Book: https://comicbook.com/horror/news/iron-man-3s-ty-simpkins-to-produce-and-star-in-horror-film-where/

And if you're interested in learning more about the film/would like to invest and help out a talented group of young and hungry filmmakers, go to: https://wefunder.com/wheresrosefilm


Thanks for all your support! A lot of your tips and guidance truly have helped me out of some jams. 

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Wanted to follow up on this (better late than never, right?) 

This film ended up premiering in London at the 2021 Raindance Film Festival and then had a limited US-city run in Regal Cinemas. My first feature getting into legit theaters was a dream come true. 

I am currently in neck deep in the next feature that is to be shot next year. 

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On 9/2/2023 at 11:23 PM, Jeff Bernstein said:

Congratulations. Your first independent feature appearing in cinemas recalls Coppola's You're a Big Boy Now (1966).


Are you upset with that comparison?


Best wishes.

Means a lot, Jeff. Thank you! Coppola is one of my favorite directors.

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