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Sony Alpha Picture Profile

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Hello next month I am going to use Sony Alpha 7 iii  and  Sony Alpha 6 300. Last time I use Alpha 7 iii didn't like the way I set up my camera. Have seen some tutorials in Youtube, and set up my camera following one of these tutorials. Does anybody here like Sony Alpha? Maybe anybody can help me here. Is there a solid tutorial about  how to setup my picture profile?? Wacthing those tutorials I notice that people are very particular in the way to setup their Pircture Profile. 

In this next month job, I will shoot in a small studio a model of hands. Which light should I rent to get a nice skin color with this camera? 


Thanks a lot.

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I have a Sony A6400 and A6500 for stills, one is converted to infrared.  I shoot raw and jpeg and work with the raw files so the picture profile isn't that important, I left the color one on Neutral I think.  Each profile has individual adjustments for contrast, saturation, and sharpness.  it all depends on if you plan on color-correcting in post.

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I have an A7III.. there is no real answer .. you just have to copy someone else's set up.. use the presets .. turn PP off all together  .. or do your own tests.. one thing thats seems universally agreed is to turn the detail down to its lowest being -7...  regardless of anything else .. 

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