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Foley recording

Saffron Dixon

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Hi! I'm a 17 year old college student completing a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Music Production. I'm currently trying to conduct research on recording methods for Foley and would love to get peoples opinions on different types of microphones to use and why. For recording Foley before I've used AKG C451 pairings because of their cardioid polar pattern and high sensitivity which is obviously something important when recording the more intricate sounds. 

I would love to hear others opinions and thoughts and preferences on this topic. :)

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Those AKG C451 are beautiful mics, but too much for my limited budget. Many of the field recordings I make are on the fly. I use a small Sony digital recorder with 2 built-in mics. For interviews or a need to use a remote mic, I use an inexpensive camera mount mic. I think it is $39 or so?

Here are just a few of the field recordings I've done...

Internet Archive Search: sound effects teoli

The recordings I do are not for pro use. Sound recording is an art. I'd love to get into it deeper if $$ would cooperate.

Best of luck with your efforts Saffron!


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Been in sound design for about 10 years now, recorded with a lot of mics and the best takeaway I've had from my work for games, cartoons, and live action shorts is the distance/angle of the mic is far more important than the mic itself. Given the mic has a decent baseline of sensitivity like the average condenser capsule.

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My go to mic for Foley recording was a Sennheisser 416.  The last mic I used for recording dialog and Foley was a cheap Insignia USB Recording Microphone.  Cost about $40.  It worked just fine.  I used the mic for my short film (shot on film) THE LAST RESORT. I shot the film on Super 8 with no sound.  All the sound was recorded and designed by me at Warehouse 9.  I used a lot of canned sound effects as well.  The sound of the film is great!

Here's the trailer:


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