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The Matrix Resurrections - in theaters and HBO Max December 22

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Trailer dropped this morning.

Looks like this time around, Neo is playing Keanu Reeves.

Shot by John Toll (!!!) and Daniele Massaccesi on Reds. The same old shit - blown-out, blurry, smeary digital. (On-the-nose music choices are always great too)

So cheap. Absolutely horrible. I can't believe it.

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I feel like the saturated/magenta look has got to be a choice to subvert the original's green/low con look.

Which is, ironically, how everything looks these days thanks to the ALEVIII sensor. ?

But I'm not into it either. 

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Hopefully that’s just a temp grade for the trailer, and not the grade they’ve built for the theatrical release.


Bill Pope’s work on the original was so absolutely exquisite, that it’s a brutal act (for anyone) to follow. 

The current trailer grade makes things look kinda cheap though. ?

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Hem, if you've watched The Matrix Revolutions (and remember the very ending), then the new look makes perfect sense. Anyway, looks absolutely fantastic.

Also, using a YouTube link and saying how "blurry" and "smeary" it supposedly is....


Much less compression and much higher quality and actual texture. Nothing blurry or smeary about it. 

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