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Roger Deakins Knighted at Windsor Castle

Tim Tyler

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Legendary cinematographer Sir Roger Deakins was knighted Feb. 1 by Prince Charles at Windsor Castle. He is the first cinematographer to receive this recognition.

Sir Roger Deakins was knighted Feb. 1 at Windsor Castle. Pictured with his wife and collaborator, James Ellis Deakins.

“The knighthood was an incredible honor that must be shared with my crew and collaborators. They are the reason I have been able to do what I’ve done. It’s a wonderful recognition that we all share,” said Deakins in a statement provided to The Hollywood Reporter.

Joining Deakins at the ceremony was his wife and collaborator, digital workflow specialist James Ellis Deakins. The pair are in the U.K. prepping for Sam Mendes’ England-set Empire of Light.

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Here is an interesting but dated 2015 story on Deakins.

Roger Deakins: 'the opposite of a Hollywood person' ... with 12 Oscar nominations to his name | Sicario | The Guardian

The title was:

The much-lauded cinematographer of Sicario – as well as almost every Coen brothers film going – just might be the man to bring old-school values back to the blockbuster

When I heard Deakins speak at the Oscars a while ago I knew he was a different breed. He was praising his focus puller! I had originally looked up his wife and found that article. I wanted to see if 'James' was a transman. I guess not. 

Congratulations Sir Roger!









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