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8mm Film Stock Available on Ebay: V3 50D, V3 250D, Ektachrome 100D/7285, Tri-X


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If anyone is looking for 8mm film, I just listed four 8mm products on Ebay:


I know, I know...the price is high, film is dead, yadda yadda. Please spare me.

There is plenty available. But the Ebay twits limit the amount of stuff I can list until I've proven that I'm willing to tolerate their high fees and endless bs.

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Dennis, would you be interested in standard daylight spools, ISO 1020, made from aluminum, lacquered, with a four- and a three-splines opening? I could have them made, 100 ft. and 50 ft. sizes. There were six Double-Eight camera models that take 50-ft. rolls.

  • Paillard-Bolex H-8, 1938‒1971;
  • GIC 8, later as Movirex and Super Movirex, 1949‒1961;
  • Pathé Lido 8, 1958‒1964;
  • Fairchild Cinephonic Eight, 1960‒1964;
  • ELMO Zoom 8-TL, 1964‒1966, and
  • Fairchild Professional Sound Model 900, 1965.
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