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Exposure Indexing on A7SII Sony Cameras?

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Hey There!

To keep this super simple I've been shooting so much Sony (FS7, FX9) for so long that I've kinda gotten entirely confused about how other cameras expose and if it's an identical premise or entirely different.

When shooting Sony in Cine EI mode you have a Base ISO and you decide to let in more or less light to get your desired EI (Under or over) and you decide how to push and pull it in post or in-camera and I heavily assume Alexa, is the exact same premise.

But how do these methods change when playing with an A7SII for example that doesn't have dedicated Cine EI mode even Canon? I know that no matter your ISO your DR/Stop allocation will not change unless you physically under-expose or over-expose, Is the Cameras like an A7SII Base ISO or more like a technically "Best" ISO but you can pick any want to use as your base, just you, of course, Introduce noise.



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