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Scratch on 16mm Film on Aaton XTR

Ed Massey

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Hi everyone,

Recently purchased an Aaton XTR and just shot my first project with it, and found there is a single scratch which appears to be blue, and it stretches across the right hand side of the frame, from top to bottom. It is fairly consistent across the both rolls but is much more visible in brighter exposures than darker. Anyone have any idea what this might be?

Many thanks!



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As it's on both rolls it's most likely to have been caused by the camera, unless you used the same mag for both, in which case it could be that. Can you see it on the neg? It's away from the perf so that's the side of the film path to check.

It would only be fixable at great expense so you'll have to crop it out.

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Do a scratch test with 5 ft of fresh stock, before removing the film mark it with a sharpie where it enters and exits the mag, then examine the film. If you find a scratch, note where it begins relative to your marks, so you can identify where in the film path you have a problem. Test each mag. 

Scratch testing before a job was standard procedure in rental houses during the film days, along with shooting a steady test.

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