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Help identifying this artifact

Andrew Hamilton Watts

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Reaching out with a question about this light (whiteish) line that appears on the top of the frame (about where the underline is). It appears on every frame, obviously most clear in areas that are darker. I have also noticed it in the bottom right corner as well, but not as bad. I am wondering if anyone had an idea or guess as to what this might be? Is it a registration issue or something with the pressure plate? The camera is a Rex 1, shot with a 25mm on 250D. 




Edit: sorry it is hard to see, I couldn't upload a large enough image. 

Screen Shot 2022-09-26 at 1.09.16 PM.png

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14 hours ago, Dom Jaeger said:

Has someone filed the bottom of the gate? Normally you would have a thicker frameline..

Because lenses invert the image, the top of the image is at the  bottom of the gate in camera.

That is an interesting question, I cannot say for sure. I know the camera had been previously CLA'd, but unsure if there was any work done on the gate. Why would someone file the gate? and if so, could that be the cause of this phantom white line for some reason? 

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8 hours ago, Andrew Hamilton Watts said:

Why would someone file the gate? 

I just noticed that there's barely any frameline between the frames in your example, but it's probably just light bleeding across because it's a bright image. At any rate, maybe just check that the edges of the gate aperture aren't shiny bare aluminium. If necessary, you can blacken them with a bit of matte black touch-up paint. 



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Untidy fillets in the frame corners suggest some intervention may have occurred. Maybe somebody was minded to tidy up what may have been perceived as apparent roughness in the metal finish at the frame edges. As suggested in previous replies, blackening the inner surfaces of the frame edges may help if those edges are shiny bare metal. With such a thin border between frames some crossover flaring remains likely to occur due to internal reflection within the film itself. The remjet backing on film can only do so much.

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