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Arri 416 Plus OBB battery swap to Gold Mount.

Jake Price

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I am trying to find out which battery adaptor this is in the photo attached. I know there is the Elokuvakonepaja gold mount option....but, I am worried about weight with the added SDI/HD convertor.  I need this to stay as simple and as light as possible.  I also like the fact that it looks like there is a brace that holds this adaptor in place.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Screenshot 2023-01-10 at 2.15.08 PM.jpg

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3 hours ago, Patrick Quesnel said:

Could be an Oppenheimer plate but it also looks like there is a Keslow Camera barcode on there so could be a custom Keslow item aswell.

This rig is from Standard Camera, you can see their logo on the video assist.

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