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Quiet, Portable 16mm Camera for Weddings

Lukas Price

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11 hours ago, Jon O'Brien said:

If they've specifically asked for film they probably do love the sound.

I do not really shoot weddings, I have shot a dozen maybe.

I have a few friends who either really concentrate on them or got their start in weddings and were in high demand before moving on to commercials etc. They used film and digital together, one an A7 series and S8mm and another Cannons and 16mm and the A7 shooter is particularly skillful at grading and putting a high level of polish on his work.

I think allot of these wedding customers are wackus bonkers and don't really know what they want until they are told and reassured that what it is will be great. 

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1 hour ago, Will Montgomery said:

Scoopics are usually less noisy than a Bolex and they are the fastest loading cameras around...but they do make some noise and some are louder than others. What about an A-minima?

Hi Will, what in your opinion is a good model of the Scoopic to get? The MN for instance?

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