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Macbeth colorchecker filmed on Kodachrome

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Does anyone have any footage of a colorchecker shot on Kodachrome? 
Preferably on 16 or 8mm film 🙂 

happy to pay or do some film scanning as a trade! 

thanks in advance 

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You might find that some people will lend you their slides. Or, an alternative is to find someone who took the same scene on both digital and Kodachrome, as a comparison. Not exactly as good as a proper chart but it's maybe better than nothing.

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I seriously doubt that there’s such a thing like this. All the test films that I have ever heard of have been sold as prints (=on print film and not on reversal film stocks like Kodachrome). Even when some amateurs filmed such a chart (e.g. as part of their clapperboard), then the result will be unusable (unknown filtering, unknown light source/„temperature“, unknown camera that might have caused over- or underexposure, …). 

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I'd say there would have been no reason for anyone to film a colour chart because MP Kodachrome was always intended, and used, for projection. The idea of scanning it, in an era when scanning was an expensive professional preserve, would hardly have arisen.

The only possibility as Karim says might be stills.

Commercial photography stills intended for reproduction would have included a colour chart, but one would expect that to be on sheet film, and that was discontinued in the 1950s.

You can sometimes buy Kodachrome slides reasonably cheaply on ebay. If you choose the scene carefully it might help you.

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Thanks for all the input. I thought it was a very very long shot! 
I once scanned someone’s fathers 8mm where he had shot a variety of focus charts from some amateur photography magazine. I made me curious if someone had gone so far to shoot a Color chart. But you’re right, why would they think they needed to!

i did manage to buy an it8 Kodachrome slide on eBay. 

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On 3/13/2023 at 1:21 PM, John Salim said:

I've got a spare 35mm slide frame shot on Kodachrome 64 if that's any use ?

John S 🤩

KR64 macbeth chart lo-res.jpg

Just so nobody asks, there are non of these frames available now as Andrew had my spare ( I've kept one for film dupe balancing ).

John S 😌

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