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Need Help with Old Optical/Contact Printers

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We acquired the remnants of a lab that used to run in London, Film & Photo Ltd. We are looking for expertise in helping us restore them to working condition, we have:

  • 3 x Bell & Howell Model C's various formats (unsure what type these are, there is a wetgate machine but unsure whether it's for these or other printers...)
  • Oxberry 20-OP printer with 35 and 16 mechanisms
  • Takita Step Reduction printer 16/35
  • Arri MiniPrint 15/35 optical printer
  • Various Cameras (acme 16mm, Mitchel TV telerecording camera and others)

Ideally, we want these restored and working but if that's not possible then we'd like to find the relevant parts new homes (there are alot of gates (incl wet), mechanisms etc, lenses etc).

We are based in Suffolk, UK. We are a social enterprise funded by myself.

We've spoken to Kodak UK and they gave some contacts at MMT and BFI but we don't have the funding to deal with the former and haven't heard back from the latter.

Any and all advise/help/guidance/manuals/diagrams etc would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Nick



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Posted (edited)

Hopefully the lab didn't throw away all the technical documentation for these printers and/or the spare parts and you have them in your possession.

Do you?

I hope you have a LOT of floor space,  power and some mechanically inclined people.

Rather than just shotgun the approach, why not pick out one or two printers that will fit your most pressing needs and save the others until they are needed?

As I have suggested in the past to you, how about contacting this organization near Paris?


They have experienced printer operators, lots of experience with lab operations and should be able to help in some fashion.


Edit:  https://www.filmlabs.org/docs/ModelCPartsBreakdown.pdf



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Thanks Frank!

We have 200m2 and 3phase and some mechanically minded people - we are just missing  manuals lol it's hard to know how and what to fix when everything is relatively in pieces and no there were no documentation manuals or guides.

Whilst it came from a lab, it was stored in a family members garage so had already been culled down etc.

Cheers, Nick

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