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Calling Cinematographers.

Guy Meachin

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Ok, let me clarify: Car Infomercial, one of those sunday-morning half hour "this is paid programming" segments. Nothing I am proud of, frankly my camerawork stank on it. The eyepiece was not what the camera actually was recording, the framing was all off, I kept overexposing the shot, which doesn't work on videotape too well.... the most I learned on it was that I do not trust vidcam eyepieces so for any video shots I'll use an external monitor to handle framing. I kept framing with film in mind, letterbox, and a half stop overexposed to get better color results as one would get using film. Until that day, the only video I'd shot was some dumb things when I was in high school, some 5 years earlier. The majority of my experience was on film so I treated it as a film shot, and the results are abysmal.


But then again, I'm hard on myself for any of my shots. I always think how I could have done it better.

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Guest Fred

Epa Eduardo: Your site looks terrific...Very interesting design ! I couldn't watch the movies yet 'cause at this time I have a very slow connection... :(


Good luck and warm regards from La Sultana ;)



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