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  1. http://motion.kodak.com/US/en/motion/Products/Customer_Testimonials/Bill_Dill/index.htm http://motion.kodak.com/US/en/motion/Products/Customer_Testimonials/The_True_Cost/index.htm http://motion.kodak.com/US/en/motion/Products/Customer_Testimonials/index.htm
  2. http://motion.kodak.com/US/en/motion/Products/Customer_Testimonials/index.htm
  3. Just wanted to know has anyone had any problems with keeping camera sync at 24fps. using a Perfectone MST Motor? In addition, Is there really a need to have a motorlock device to have correct sync, or is the MST motor is all you really need? Motorlock site: http://www.webtfg.com/sync9.htm
  4. http://vimeo.com/3550892
  5. Before you do anything, you should consult a specialist that does this type of work all the time. They may be able to guide you in the right direction as to whether to convert you camera to S-16 vs Ultra-16 format. I used Bernie O'Doherty at www.super16inc.com. He did my bolex and recommended the Ultra 16 format for my camera, saved me a lot of money. Having a professional advise who specializes in Eclair cameras and get a free quote doesn't hurt.
  6. I use the old Spectra Pro...Still solid and easy to use. http://www.spectracine.com/film_video.html
  7. The Canon A1 is very sufficient for shooting your shorts. You must remember though it is HDV and is compressed. For DOF shots you will need to shoot wide open and close to your subject in order to achieve the Bokeh you want. That is why many people are purchasing 35mm adaptors and using Film lenses. Also the Canon XHA1 has guides that are built in when shooting 1:85:1 as well as 2:35:1.
  8. Your laptop should be strong enough..I use my DVrackHD (same as OnLocation) on a 2.0 AMD 64 laptop and runs fine shooting with my A1. I have 1.25gigs of ram in it.
  9. You could also use DVrack and thru you laptop to an external HD...Same output as tape without the need to digitize.
  10. If you already shot it in squeeze mode then you shouldn't need to do anything in Vegas since the video is already encoded for 16:9 mode. When you burn your DVD it should already switch to widescreen for you. If you are on a standard monitor then it should have the bars.
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