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  1. Hello all, I'm looking for an SR3 battery charger, shoot me a message if you have one available.
  2. How much for the grip truck? Could you send me pictures? Thanks!
  3. I kept some exposed film in my fridge for almost a year! Finally last month, I had it developed and transferred to HD and it actually looks pretty good to me.
  4. I needed one because there was just too much sunlight for an outside scene, and in this case, so much light that the light meter showed and overexposure reading. So in other words, it was just trying to get a properly exposed image on tape (it wasn't for depth of field, which to be honest, I hadn't even thought of). Thanks for the help.
  5. When you throw an ND filter on the camera, are you supposed to compensate for it?
  6. I have an Arri SR 3x3 mattebox for sale. This is the one that with the adapter that mounts onto the light mount shoe (not the one that mounts onto the light weight rods). It has two filter trays, one of them rotates. I'm asking $250.00. I think this one works for other 16mm Arri cameras (but I'm not sure). Email me for pictures (I cannot upload because they are larger than allowed here).
  7. Does anybody know what a CTO2B-ND.09 filter does? At least that's what the small letters written on the filter itself say. I know, it's part neutral density but I don't know what the other part could be, (the filter itself looks like an ND filter, very dark).
  8. Thanks Nate. Do you know if I can use a baby tungsten? Not the same output but it still would help a little bit. Thanks,
  9. Does anybody know if I can use a portable generator (a 6k) to power a 1.2 HMI light? The generator would be rented from one of those places for do-it-yourself home projects and I would only hook the one HMI light, nothing else. Would I have any flickering issues? Thanks,
  10. I read here in a posting I can't seem to find, that running the camera to drain batteries every month will keep them in good working condition (when the camera is stored and not used very often). My question is, doesn't the camera get damaged when not running any film through it? Is there a better way for maintaining batteries? I hope I am being clear with my question. Thanks,
  11. I've got one that I purchased brand new a couple of year ago for a project that never happened and now I need to sell 'cause I need cash. It was only used for some tests (it's still in the original shipping boxes!). I paid $4,100 but will take $3, 300 for it, you pay for the shipping. Let me know if you are interested. Thx.
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