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  1. A little interview http://www.shots.net/article_detail.asp?atype=1&id=9071
  2. Agree with you Dark Knight has a great DP, but I think ASC awards is about just a movie, not a entire career it doesn't matter how much features you do, if you have a great DP'ing feature that's... or I'm wrong... That's why the ASC have a Life time achievement award... no?
  3. I like a lot the style/mood/ambiance, the trailer looks great ... Xavier
  4. could you attach any reference or still image...? Xavier
  5. Daniele you can find a lot of info in this ASC issue... http://www.theasc.com/magazine/aug98/saving/index.htm
  6. Here it's the link, hope helps http://www.ascmag.com/magazine_dynamic/Feb...rfume/page1.php Xavier
  7. I don't know your script but i like a lot in BABEL de desert sequence. I like how Rodrigo Prieto solved the problem of the desert... I think you don't have to show all the desert... Xavier Plaza
  8. What do you need to know???, Your photos are awesome, stylish and powerful, Great work... What camera you use usually in this photos, what stock...
  9. As Kevin say you can find a lot of info searching here... Additional info http://www.theasc.com/magazine/nov98/soupdujour/index.htm Hope helps you
  10. Agree, Panasonic HVX-200, Matte Box and shotgun... Xavier
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