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  1. Crewplay.com you can easily keep in touch with other crew members. Use it to keep in touch with your crew buddies. think myspace, but for crew members
  2. Ivan, I think you are over thinking it a tad, I don't know what the circle of confusion is on a 1/3" sensor, just focus on the groundglass, lock the focus of the camcorder off, and use the circle of confusion that corresponds to the lens format you are using. use your kelly wheel, or refer to the ASC Manual for tables. I would just ignore the Camcorder once the focus was set correctly, but maybe I under think it. my 2 cents Allen
  3. glad I am not the Judge. I've come to expect great things from Deakins, but Atonement was so fantastic, I couldn't choose.
  4. I find it for the most part bothersome. Usually, that's when I'll start making joking comments about the stop. or if beforehand I know that we will have the issue, I'll say, "So eh, what eyeball you want in focus there eh Chief?" all DP's I've worked with don't mind the issue.
  5. I've got an old 8mm projector, it's not a traditional projector rather as described below: Instead of projecting on a larger screen a fair distance away, it is a self contained projector that projects the images on a small screen that it on the projector itself, the screen size is around 4-5 inches. The unit itself looks like a protable TV. http://www.amazon.com/Bentley-Super-8-Home...r/dp/B0010K49EC bought if off of craigslist for 5 bucks. Works. I was thinking about building my own telecine unit from it. Taking the same Principals of a 35mm lens adapters, since the image is already set up to project the image close range on a small screen, all I feel would be needed is a moving ground glass, an Macro or Achromat lens, and a DV HDV camcorder of sort. I may start playing around with Super8 and try this out. I'm optimistic in it's quality. I've got an HVX200 and the Redrock M2, so all I need is some Super8 film and to add the spinning groundglass. The equivalent could be achieved with a standard projector, and a means of focusing the projected image close range on the groundglass. Make your own projection lens or find a macro projection lens and project right onto the groundglass of your 35mm adapters and shoot it. if anyone tries this out, let us know how it turns out. It's not likely I will do it in the near future, so I wanted to share my idea. Allen
  6. Wish I would have seen your response before everyone destroyed my works of art! I'll make another in the next day or so and post a picture. Allen
  7. Arri 35BL's are pretty straight forward cameras. I don't think you'd really need a manual. What do you need to know? ask here, people here can inform you of things that the manual doesn't. Jon Fauers Arri III and 35BL book is pretty helpful. Allen
  8. I personally feel simple luck plays a large role. And when Luck comes to you, and you have the passion and ability you've got a fightin chance. I've never looked at this as trying to make it big in the biz. I am extremely passionate about the art, the technical side, and so on. It's a hobby I'd work to pay for. To me, as long as the bills are getting paid, and I am still involved with moving images through a camera I am a happy camper. I just want the Job, if success comes great. But I won't hold my breath.
  9. I've seen ex-ray type photo's making the comparison. They are strikingly similar. I cannot say if they are a copy, but personally I think it is likely. Allen
  10. I'm using some 35mm Dummi rolls to make the bows... my girlfriend may be getting sick of film bows. used them for her birthdays too.
  11. Allen Achterberg


    It's what you don't see through the viewfinder that makes it to film. say you are shooting a scene with guns. If you see muzzle flashes through the viewfinder you might want another take!
  12. Happens all the time. Even on this forum. Someone will ask a question, need help and some very notable DP's AC's Operators will answer to help. There's plenty of posts here, some show lighting set ups, some offer tips, some give very technical advice. I believe that once Union there's an apprenticeship program. Maybe someone else could shed more light onto that.
  13. Hard Mounting the redrock to the camera is now a standard practice. the hard mount kit from RedRock Micro is around 20 bucks. Cheap fix to the sliding adapter box. (but normally, the locking mechanisms for the rod systems hold fairly well, are you sure you tightened them well???) the one physical feature on the P+S Technik that I've noticed valuable is the ability to change the ground glass speed. Sometime while shooting with higher shutters you will catch focus on the grains in the redrock design, maybe they will make the motor speed adjustable later on too. Allen
  14. I'll definitely look into some practice with the fish. you think this one is too big? she got us 2nd Place in the Tournament. (my back up plan) :D
  15. The adapter itself will have little to do with the images. If someone shot a comparison test with either adapter with the same lenses, I reckon you'd have a hard time distinguishing between the adapters. Allen
  16. When shooting a figure skater B) I just do the figure eight to practice my reflexes, get used to reversing the direction my left hand turns while my right hand continues it's path un affected. I've followed a race track pattern as well, and all in all I think it's helped a lot. I can instinctively do the move I want without anymore confusion. I'll take a few days off then go back to it. See how well I can retain the skill. He will soon lend me his Worral. Can't wait. Thanks for the Responses! Allen
  17. Crap. Internet Acted up, posted it twice. Ignore the other post.
  18. so this fella, Ron Dexter was very generous and lent me one of his home made gear heads. Later, I may post a picture of it if people ask. The one he lent me is much cleaner than the one on his web site, and it works very effectively. It's been a solid year since I'd last touched a gear head, and I was bashful and really only poked at it, found it very difficult. I've been practicing a lot with it, have become much better. Spent most of tonight playing with it again, drew an 8, turned it sideways, and followed that. I can do the eight pretty fluently with the practice head, circles too. I had been doing it with my camera on the head, now with a laser beam. I did more 8's, circles, squares, and some more complex shapes. (any other suggestions welcome) Cat enjoyed the laser as well. It took me a while to get used to the rotations, and I think I know why. When I was younger, I never played with an Etch A Sketch!!! I mean, I guess I poked at that too, but quickly put it down as I found drawing simple things didn't come natural, it was a skill I had to learn. Not that I only accept skills that come naturally, but the toy never appealed to me. Until Now. Would operating a gear head have come easier to me if I had played with an Etch A Sketch a lot as a child? I think so. I will assume I am not the only one to make the connection, but instead of ron handing me an etch a sketch, he handed me one of his home made gear heads. I think the etch a sketch would've been great practice point as well. It will teach Independent coordination of each hand. One needs to keep rotating one way, while the other already in motion needs to reverse it's rotation without affecting the other hand. And that's a skill I would have loved to have while the Panahead sat doing nothing while my friend (DP) also fearing the gear head decided the the O'conner was easiest. anyhow, I'm very thankful for the Practice head. so, I'd like to ask any Camera Operators their thoughts on this. And if they have any learning suggestions they can offer.
  19. a few things that I will add, I find them absolutely necessary. Camel hair Brush, a larger size to clean the camera body. Velcro. Very very useful. wax pencil's Perfect for adding marks on Zoom Lenses. Mark the set focal length if no physical mark is on the lens, so you can easily come back to that exact length on the lens. Often the DP or Operator will set a length, and it will be inbetween markings. The lens can easily be bumped, off setting their length and you might not set it exactly where it was. This helps cure such issues. I personally cut the pencil to about 2 inches in length, and velcro it to the matte box so it is always in easy reach. Baby Wipes Clean the Follow Focus Discs very well. VOM (Volt-Ohm- Meter) Learn how to use it. Will find Power problems quickly ei bad cables etc. Allen
  20. Yes, the PS Technik is the obvious best choice, both are a good light loss, but the PS technik is a solid Unit, flips the Image, and is more suitable for film style accessories, although the M2 does offer their own Follow Focus units. If money is no object, go with the German made adapter. If you need a good cheap adapter for your own personal or small business stuff, the M2 is good.
  21. Awesome set up photo's Kevin. Wish I could have practice sessions with that kind of package!
  22. Nathaniel, pictures of the rig are in the November 07 issue of American Cinematographer, check that out for more information. If you have any more specific questions post them here. Best!
  23. You don't need a Reel... but if it makes you feel better chop it up, throw it on there. I need to make a site. Good Job David!
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