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  1. I've got this lens. If you come across the anamorphic adapter for the front please let me know.
  2. Agreed Robin... the naming and marketing of some of their products seems to be aimed at 12 year old boys. Never understood where that was coming from.
  3. A lot of negativity regarding the users of this camera. Weird. It's just a tool. I have filmed some very good images with the Red Epic at 5K HD setting. There can be noise in very low light situations but overall I found it to be a well made professional camera system (it had the Pro IO unit on it which gave it XLR inputs). Set the fans on silent record.
  4. So happy for him that he finally took home the gold. His work is an inspiration.
  5. The insurance carrier I've had for more than the last twenty years has dropped insuring film/tv gear. They were a good company. I only had to make a claim twice in all those years and they stepped up to the plate and covered the losses without issue. That is not always the case with some insurers. I'm looking for a new company to insure my camera, lenses and equipment. I thank you for your advice as to who has been great and who to avoid.
  6. The work you're doing on this show is fantastic. I really enjoy it.
  7. Glad you got paid! I was going to suggest what I've done in the past, which is to start with a letter from a lawyer suggesting legal steps will be taken if payment isn't made. Usually a certified letter from a lawyer lights a fire under them.
  8. Cool stuff. It's nice to see you using your talent artistically. It's not so much about telling a story but creating a mood with the images and music. I like the B&W. Also some very nice composition. Thanks for sharing.
  9. It was fun filming this no budget feature last year. It is a thriller about... actors!! What could be scarier? If you enjoy it let me know. If not, let me know. Always happy to engage in some learning! [media]
  10. I filmed this with my friends at Scorpio Film Releasing as a Halloween Greeting card. Enjoy! https://vimeo.com/109718290
  11. I had some great experiences at the Maine Workshops. Didn't seem like a scam to me and had a great indepth lighting workshop with Cinematographer Rob Draper ACS. They also have master classes with top DP's. My experience there was many years ago but I think the set up hasn't changed.
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