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  1. I'm looking for information about the image work in the film... Is there an American cinematographer review of Bruno Delbonnel work on FAUST? If someone have some information about this, would be great. Thank in advance.
  2. I mean Canon EF mount...
  3. Hi, i'm looking for information about if theres going to be an adapter for the Sony PMW-F3 with Canon EOS Mount, i've been looking around but the only thing i've found is an FD adapter. I hope someone has some information about this. T.
  4. A shot from "Klute", near the end when Jane Fonda talks with the assassin, she's backlit from a window, there are many beautiful shots on that movie, just amazing. There are so many in other films too.
  5. I really want to see this film... Any dates for the dvd release?
  6. I'm looking to mix green fluo lights and orange-yellow tungsten sources... So, i think i'm going with cool white tubes and tungsten with half or full CTS. Thanks again.
  7. Hi, I'm looking to achieve a green cast from a fluorescent source, like robby müller did on "The American Friend" or "Paris, Texas" and many others... The main problem it's the sources are in the frame. What type of tubes and gels do i need? Thanks.
  8. How do you achieve this effect or how you do it... I think it look pretty good. Cheers.
  9. I watched "The Proposition" yesterday and have a very good DFN scenes. but have some post production work though. Cheers.
  10. Hi, Henri Decae, All his Films ("Le Cercle Rouge" and "Le Samourai" are the best... At least for me) Dick Pope, All his Films but in particular "Naked". Phillip Lathrop, for his camera work on "Touch of Evil" and The cinematography of "Experiment in Terror". Roger Deakins, Harris Savides, for his way of lighting.
  11. Where can i learn more about this way of recording... i mean by the SDI outputs. Thanks TS.
  12. What equipment do you need to record 4:2:2 10 bit with the EX1? I like to do some tests... but don't know what do i need to do it, can you record it directly to a laptop with a Blackmagic? :unsure: Thanks in advance. TS
  13. Thanks, I was worry because I've always feel some flicker on video images. cheers.
  14. Hi, What's the exact shutter angle to avoid flicker in a 50hz country at 23.98P? I'm going to shoot with fluorescent lights and don't have electronic ballasts. Thank you in advance.
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