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  1. you can always blast them with light and slap a couple of ND's but then again i am kind of unclear as to what help you are looking for.
  2. wow! I was just thinkin about this the other day. The only dvd's I have that involve things like this are Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind it has small snippets of Ellen Kuras insights and how she had to make most of gondry's ideas in camera which is pretty cool, just by usin a practical fight club which has been mentioned and Visions of Light
  3. First off, Im not a super duper pro like most people on this board but for something like this id imagine a.) perspective will count alot b.) focal lengths must be accounted for c.) you will rely heavily on the post d.) why not do a mock scene somewhere that looks like LA? well those are my opinions Carlos Martinez
  4. hmm funny i was just thinking about this the other day. I was like "hmm ive been supposed to be earing glasses since i was in the 5th grade i wonder if they go to special eye doctors" carlos martinez
  5. im suprised to read a 300 thread and nothave no one mention the amazing physique of the actors lol. But any who stylistically its one of my favorite movies. It does what few can acheive in this method of shooting and that is taking something completely abstract and unreal and bring us into it to the point where we do not question it. Great job Mr. Fong. ON A SIDE NOTE: My freind lost my AC issue with the 300 article in it and well im still very upset about it. I mean cmon who leaves it on the bus :( carlos martinez
  6. IMO good cinematography is classified when you dont notice the angles lighting etc. What we do is an invisible craft, that only few can really appreciate. carlos martinez
  7. is the writer of the article even a credible source? even if she is, does it matter? its one persons opinion, every one is entitled to theirs. carlos
  8. its just America being the money hungry imperialistic country it has become today. It be easier to charge people 30 bucks a month for slow internet than fast. That and well we are all still wried for the 1900's so it wouldn't be cost efficient to do so. so its a factor of being cheap and still trying to bleed the citizens dry of their hard earned money
  9. hey guys i figured this should go here since it really has no other place to go. anyways its a documentary ive been working on for over two years (its still being edited, it always is) any who feel free to make any comments about the flow. (Still needs broll over the interviiws) http://myspace.com/carlos_alberto_martinez carlos martinez [Edited by moderator]
  10. great read! what dont you know david? oh yeah and i found your book in my schools library and well simply amazed by you and Malkiewicz's writings very informative.
  11. i cant wait til i get a chance of being a ASC is there a Mexican equivalent. On that note Does any one know who was the DP for "Amorres Perros" Loves a bitch (US translation)?
  12. i figured as much. I cant wait till i actually start working on film. One day maybe soon after I graduate from my Digital Film Video production BFA lol.
  13. Hey guys just searched the forums for threads regarding this but couldnt really find what i was looking for but yeah here goes is HD that much better? Ive seen HD filmsf (not hi-end stuff) but prosumer level cameras and well it looks just about the same to me. I know im not a tech guy or anything but this is just me. The only thing ive noticed is more of a hyper reality then DV cameras since everything has more pixels and more is seen the faults of the people turn into big. I remember hearing that a news station had to get rid of their top of the line HD cameras because of this. as well as their super accurate need for focusing. Any who this is just my opinion but i think this race for SUPER HI-REZ image is getting taken out of proportion. is the trade off beneficial ? any thoughts?
  14. x2 ive been meaning to buy it. But have seen it at least 10 times courtesy of my teacher.
  15. way to go Julia :) but yeah when i go on my road trip im bringing my trusty lil GL2 its done so much for me and will make a mini documentary of it. THIS IS OFF TOPIC i plan to have enough little mini docs of my life so that when i die people can watch the entire thing it be like 3hrs max when finall editied but i think it be cool.
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