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  1. This is known as veiling flare. Most lenses will do it to some degree, usually when backlit or shooting into the source. Hotter and larger sources will do it more rather than the point source you used here. So say lace curtains in shot around a window and glowing hot in terms of exposure will do it. Modern lenses tend to have better anti reflective coatings and will subdue this more than older lenses will. Any filter or extra glass in front will also create extra veiling flare in this scenario, even a "clear". JB
  2. That's actually your choice. You can choose to accept those terms or not. Your choice. Because you choose to let it. There has always been this drive, it's not new "these days" it's been happening for decades. You're just choosing to forgo actually proactively taking control of your shooting circumstance and giving yourself a better chance of success. And then you're kind of bragging about getting away with it. And saying the one time you didn't, it was the camera's fault. JB
  3. Actually it's something far more valuable than money that's on the line. Reputation. I prefer to take more concern when it's my reputation on the line. It's a shame you worry about money instead of the work. People don't hire a camera, they hire the DP. Your continued myopic supposition that those that rent somehow are more invested or know better than those that don't is deeply flawed. I do hope your reputation will precede you. That explain's it. I don't know any professional or even aspiring professional camera department crew that would just wing something
  4. Hello Stuart. Yes, I'm probably wading into something I shouldn't bother with, apologies. I have indeed shot many times with Sony cameras and gotten good results using them. So much that I went back for more. JB
  5. OK. So again, the inference is that renting a camera means you don't know it as well because...you don't own it ? Don't use it for many hours ? Here's my B camera that I operated full time from Party Tricks. https://www.flickr.com/photos/johnbrawley/14068920207/in/album-72157644563566426/ In this photo you'll notice that I'm using the Panavision EVF instead of the two inferior options that Sony offer. https://www.flickr.com/photos/johnbrawley/14569360055/in/album-72157644563566426/ That's because in the EXTENSIVE TESTING I did with this camera during a phrase perhaps that hasn'
  6. Buddy it's your thread. You called me out. Great attitude though for someone that purports to be an educator when you're challenged to back up your information. JB
  7. You didn't say money. You actually said this. That's not money. That's some BS about knowledge being different depending on if you own the camera or not. You then went on to disprove your own theory by not even understanding the issues I have with the camera. Then you muddy the waters with "money" as an answer. Cryptic. Because it doesn't mean anything. How is it different ? JB
  8. Please do list them for me. JB
  9. Actually this was my camera package on Queen Of The South Season 2 A Alexa Min B Alexa Mini C Alexa Mini D Alexa Plus E Ursa Mini 4.6K F Ursa Mini 4.6K G Blackmagic Micro H Blackmagic Micro J Ursa Mini 4.6K K Ursa Mini Pro L Alexa Mini N Alexa Mini P Olympus EM1 Mark 2 R DJI Drone At the end of the day, around 30% of the shots in the finished episode are Ursa Mini 4.6K. I dare anyone to pick them all out. There are many scenes that are shot only Ursa Mini 4.6K. Huh? Sounds a bit elitist to say that not owning the camera means I don't know the camera ? Where
  10. The 8-64 doesn't cover till about 30mm in my opinion. JB.
  11. Sorry Phil I think I might have to claim this one.... jb (long time 4/3 and m4/3 shooter and err..cough cough...it was the second thing I asked them to look at when I first saw the camera)
  12. I'd say a bad idea. It will be a substantial crop. jb
  13. I've found that I often ended up with the viewfinder arm down quite low and the eyepiece pointing almost upwards (and slightly outwards with the angle of the arm) If i had the viewfinder at 90Deg out from the body, then I'd have exactly the same problem you're describing. Did you try pulling the VF arm lower and then rotating the eyepiece upwards ? jb
  14. Looks Like an XTR Plus to me jb
  15. The short answer is yes, there is extra info. It's not just LOG images (the washed out video you speak of) I think enough people complained to make them realise m4/3 would be a good idea.....It will happen down the road... The internal battery is just like on a hyper deck. It recharges when there's an external power source present.....otherwise you don't have to use it. It's not just lately. Editors have been calling themselves colourists for a long time. I feel the same way you do. They do plan to have some easy setups in Resolve to give you a good result in
  16. No. This is the right way to think of it. They took a Hyperdeck, and put a sensor and screen on it. They just wanted a way to do uncompressed RAW files. QT and DnX don't offer that. So they went for Cinema DNG as a format. jb
  17. They won't because of cost. What they will do is separate models. You'll buy a PL mount version, or a m4/3 version, or an EF version. jb
  18. Not quiet right Freya. it records uncompressed Cinema DNG files, not Quicktime's. Cinema DNG is an open standard format based on DNG (basically Cinema DNG is DNG with Timecode and audio) created by Adobe. Resolve, Speedgrade and all adobe products support DNG right now. jb
  19. not really for EF. Iris control is problematic with adaptors. jb
  20. I think you've got to remember they have never made a camera before. This is them dipping their toe in the water with a product and a market they haven't dealt with before. They might have turned up to NAB and had everyone laugh at them. (and some are) They wanted to do a single model for the lowest cost and see how that goes. If you had to choose one mount for the dSLR market, (both thinking of sensor size) then EF mount makes complete sense. Imagine if they'd only done m4/3 mount....all the EF crowd would be saying the same thing. EF mount has a very large installed user base...
  21. Would have added a lot to the cost of the camera. Like a removable battery. They will be doing other mounts down the track. jb
  22. Guys, it' snot a 16mm sensor. It's not Super 35 either, but it's not 16mm..... jb
  23. Phil, they're still working on this. Sensor calibration is where they are up to right now. It's not a Canon C300, but she's no slouch either. jb
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