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  1. Well, you CAN take the zoom off to check it but, it's a hassle, takes more time, and is not necessary. Primes are smaller and can be taken off much quicker and wide primes can't magnify the gate enough to check it. Although you can look through the lens on lenses tighter than 40mm. When you check the gate your main goal is to see if it is dirty or clean. If it's clean you say 'Good Gate!' and move on, you don't spray air in the gate. If it's dirty then you call out 'Gate's dirty" or something similar to let the AD know that they need to go again. You then clean the gate with an orange stick or canned air. I've never taken a mag off to clean a gate or check it. By taking the mag off you have a greater chance of removing a hair that could be in the gate, so you'd never know if it was there and would think it was clean.
  2. Also remember to be liberal with the canned air when changing mags to reduce the possibility of leaving hairs in the gate. Rolling out increases the chances of leaving film chips or hairs in the gate/movement. Also, there's no such thing as a stupid question. ;)
  3. Actually, you don't have to take the zoom off. Zoom all the way in, open the aperture all the way and you can 'see' down the lens with a flashlight if the gate is clean or not.
  4. kev, do you know anyone in film school right now? They might be able to 'check out' a S16 SR2 or something or maybe R16.
  5. The problem is not the stock cost. Student rates are about $100 a roll for Fuji and Kodak. The problem is telecine. That is the single most expensive thing.
  6. I thought you meant the emulsion, which it should have written on it anyway.
  7. And Color! Each stock gets it's own color. Which saves loads of time when working with multiple stocks. With a glance I know whether 5219 or 5205 is in a mag rather than having to look closely at the mag to see which stock number is written on it. Basically as the loader, you do whatever the 1st tells you even if you don't think it's necessary. So if they like that or it makes them more comfortable, do it. Also, you definitely want to tape(with corresponding color) the latch(es) on the door(s) of the mag. I've had DP's return mags to the loader because they weren't taped. Like already mentioned here, it's a personal preference on some camera and a must on others. Personally, I like tape on the mags, it gives a cleat message of what is in the mag and that it is definitely safe.
  8. Are they all homemade or is there a company that makes 'em? I've seen ones for video cams on filmtools.
  9. we may be getting off topic but, why? and what are the differences in softness? Never used a net or had a DP that used 'em. edit: and Daniel, I can't believe you've seen Waxwork! One of my all time favorite movies!
  10. adrian, couldn't you try different diffusion filters to get a little closer, if you're using a digital origination?
  11. film stocks are only half the equation. lenses, are the other. look into a program called MagicBullet for 'filmic' effects on video.
  12. They are all 'retards' that buy or use HIS camera. I'm sure he doesn't give a hoot if they are idiots or butts. and side note: does the Alexa rent higher than a RED MX right now? And if it does, would the Alexa rent lower than an EPIC?
  13. Yes. i think it will be Arri in the ballroom with the Alexa. :lol:
  14. Standard cinema-style ND comes in .3 .6 .9 1.2 etc. In .3 increments. It is technically ND 0.3. Some AC's and DP's will just say ND3 ND.3 or N 3 for brevity. ND 0.8 is not a standard.
  15. Is it just me or does DOP grate on anyone else? DP is shorter so why the need for the O.
  16. actually it was a typo. i did mean 0.8 which does not exist in cinema quality filters. i'm guessing it's a video filter.
  17. http://www.engadget.com/2010/11/28/peter-jackson-nabs-thirty-red-epic-cameras-to-film-the-hobbit-t/
  18. you could just call Fletcher and ask them....
  19. In a darkroom, after I thread the film through and put the roll onto the coreholder, I'd pull out like 5-6 feet and it would engage the second click. In a bag you do not have enough room to pull out that much film. So I hold the film so it does not move and rotate the plate clockwise until I hear the second click.
  20. Next, this "Oneders", with the O-N-E, it doesn't work. It's confusing. From now on, you boys'll just be... simply The Wonders. As in, I *wonder* what happened to the O'Needers?

  21. I've had pCam on the iPhone since it came out and I love it. From the previews in the app store, pCam looks like it does WAY more than Toland.
  22. How many times do I have to tell you I was joking????? Here is my original post: Here is your asinine comment responding to me more than a month later trying to start poop: Here is me telling you I was joking: Any questions?
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