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  1. I had an hours worth of raw protest documentary film footage (no way could I reshoot) stored on a drive. I put the drive on a high shelf since was not using it. One day I'm cleaning house, I move my arm across the shelve and BAM! The drive falls to the ground in pieces. I had to pay $300.00 to recover the footage. I've gotten in the habit to check, double check and triple check. I don't even take peoples word about things because it's not their film, its mine. And if something goes wrong, I have to fix it not them. So take your mistake as a learning lesson. In another year you'll be
  2. This is a great audio recorder thats versatile and can be used on run and gun shot. I'm using it for sync sound 16mm shoots and and it works great. I love film but I also love the digital sound world. : )
  3. Try Stan Sztaba in Conneticut. He use to cut in NYC years, but now does it out of his house. ssztaba@gmail.com
  4. Actually, now is the best time to buy standard 16. The rentals for lens are far less than that of Super 16.
  5. To agonzales, you can go to any sound house and get your 1/4 transferred to WAV or AIFF files and they can transfer them to any speed you desire. Thats what Protools is for. Just tell the tech you want the audio to run at 23.97. Thats no problem. I think your hardest problem is finding a sound house that still has 1/4 machines. But I'm sure you can you some type of sound studio that can help you. Try Magno Sound in NYC for starters.
  6. Hi Rudy, If you want a crisper image and less grain, start using a slower film stock 50 asa and 250. I shot my feature on 100 asa and that was a perfect stock. Too bad they don't make it anymore. The lower the asa the higher the color saturation and less grain. Also try to rent out a better lens. Lens make a BIG difference. I'm using schnider lens from the fifties and they look great. Crisp focus and saturation. Also, veer away from paclab. I think they do a horrible job with processeing. Use Colorlab. This may cost you a little more, but you avoid having to spend tons of dollars on a colo
  7. Brian, I'm in post with a R16 feature. What I've learned is that you should get your transfer to PRO-RES files. If you plan to make a print and want even more saturated colors , then also get QUAD files. They will do a conform from the edited Pro-res and make a 35mm print. It is very expensive to make a print, but if you must remember, you can't archive digital. If you do this, there is no need to see a negative cutter.
  8. Matt, if you are looking for a crystal sync motor and live in NYC. Contact DU-ALL camera. They sell motors for your camera. As for editing, contact MPE http://www.mpenyc.com They rent out Steenbecks for like $200.00 for a month. And I believe they deliver it to your apartment. The only problem you will have if you are editing on a flatbed is finding 16mm fullcoat. Fullcoat is what you transfer your sound to so you can edit it. Since digital came along, fullcoat has been put to the side.
  9. That 50 D stock looks GREAT. Reminds my of stocks from the 70s. The yellows and warm colors really stand out.
  10. The only thing I see wrong is the not the shots, but the content. Its too vague, which adds confusion and the humor is lost. Is the guy suppose to be an animal? : )
  11. After watching the marketing of Sundance, I realized that Kodak is going to have hard time surviving in the digital age. It has a long way to catch up. It would have to create a digital motion picture camera that can compete with the other high end digital cameras. Second, it would have to do create a marketing campaign that would attract people to use film. Right now their marketing to use film is absolutly bland. Some famous or semi-famous DP talking about how great film is just is not doing it. Kodak offers very little assistance once you buy their film. No lab discounts, no pro advice, not
  12. No problem. I'm in the same position as you except I have a 16mm feature that needs scanning. Talk about making deals. LOL. My plan is to go to with a traditional negative cutter for the conform so I least come out with conformed negative. Then get that negative scanned. I'm still researching this to if I actually save $$.
  13. A bench, rewinds, and a dark room. Go to ebay and get some rewinds for $5.00 : )
  14. Pretty cool!!! That actor with angel wings must have been FREEZING!!
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