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  1. Now would the 27dB with the SR3 be considered too loud to record audio with? Would a HS model take a mag from the Advanced version?
  2. Thanks for clearing this up for me! I'm very happy with the work they've done. It was far better than what I expected from an old NPR.
  3. I recently had some film scanned by Metropolis and I've noticed their website says they're scanning with an Oxberry 3k Cinescan. I'm wondering what machine my film was scanned on. Is the information published on the site out of date?
  4. Trying to find a working NPR motor. Any chance of getting the motor on its own? I'm also interested in the orientable viewfinder. Let me know.
  5. The price is extremely competitive. Cinelab, your prices are beating the pants off of Cinelicious from when I last enquired. Not only better than their Scanity prices, but their Spirit as well. Someone correct me if my math is off. Charging by the foot is genius too, so much easier to calculate costs. Cinelicious charges by the hour. I am sold.
  6. I thought it was the coupling, but I carefully removed the camera from the motor while this was going on and the motor continued to run at this slow speed. I've had this problem with it on and off for years, I've sent it to Paul at Visual Products multiple times and he's never been able to reproduce the problem, says the camera works fine. I've spent a lot of money just shipping this thing to Visual Products just to get told there's nothing wrong with it. This problem of the motor just slowing to a crawl happens all the time. I took it out for a shoot today and it got through 150 feet of film before this started happening and I couldn't get it to right itself. Any advice would help a great deal.
  7. An affordable 16mm film scanner could be a game changer. I know a lot of people interested in shooting film but seem intimidated by the whole process. I think it could bring in a lot of folks who are on the fence. It seems like if Kodak were a little more on the ball they could have done something like this years ago. I sincerely have my fingers crossed, I would pre-order one tomorrow if it were announced.
  8. Caught a near sold out showing at Pacific Science Museum's Boeing Theater in Seattle last night. I was in the front row but the Imax footage showed a sharpness and clarity in many scenes that I've never quite experienced before. I saw the digital imax before this and there is no comparison. My only problem was how soft the 35 looked when it cut back and forth. I might be mistaken but was there some Super Panavision 70 in there too?
  9. There are models out there with Tobin crystal motors added. I've been able to sync dialogue with it, but it worked best outdoors with long lenses because the camera sounds like a fan with a playing card stuck in front of the blade. We were able to clean up the interior scenes somewhat in post but it was far from perfect. We shot about 1000 feet and between 30-60 seconds of footage had a weird looking shutter effect and I am not sure what caused it. It made the footage unusable. I would say unless you are shooting music videos and/or very experimental films where having a camera that doesn't really work is somehow acceptable you should spend a little extra or rent. SR2s and NPRs seem to get cheaper and cheaper and would offer a lot less headaches than a K3.
  10. Looking for a good battery for my NPR I found this. Check out this product from B&H Photo Video. PRB-12XLRNC Starved Electrolyte (Lead Acid) Battery Belt (12v, 12 amp hours) Cigarette and 4-Pin XLR Connectors, without Charger http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/135352-REG I did a quick search for Bescor on the forums and didn't turn up much. Apologies if this might belong under an older post.
  11. Film disappearing feels an awful lot like telling a sculptor who works with marble that he can no longer use marble and then telling him all the benefits of using clay instead. Its malleability, its forgiving nature. It might even be painted to look like marble. Clay is all fine and good and great work can be produced from it, but at the end of the day it's a different medium with its own unique look and set of challenges. I wish the two could coexist. Not have one replace the other.
  12. In The Mood For Love 2046 There Will Be Blood The Assassination of Jesse James Children of Men The Coen Brothers The Royal Tenenbaums Stanley Kubrick. Director's cut of The New World Schindler's List
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