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  1. Hope everyone is doing well! I'm cleaning out the house getting ready for the holidays, and once again, my K3 is staring at me unused since the date of purchase. I know this should be in marketplace here, but I figured I would post here in case anyone is interested. M42 mount standard lens. Loop formers are still in, and no mods have been done to it. $150 plus actual USPS shipping, with standard lens, filters, grip, battery compartment converter and 3 batteries. Plus their old crappy case.
  2. Bump, just for the heck of it. Don't really care all that much to sell it (it smells so good), but if I don't, it looks like I'm going to research that Danish company that was supposed to make the motor. Then my wife will REALLY kill me.
  3. What did you pay? I'm trying to sell my regular K3 (M42) with all of those accessories you listed for $150 plus $20 shipping.
  4. Came to the realization that I'm never going to wind up doing any real shooting on my K3, so I listed it in the classifieds here. Selling it cheap (M42 mount), so if you know of anyone, point them in my direction. (Financial crisis.) Don't kill me--but I'm getting into DSLR still instead. Pentax K20 coming in exchange for some graphics work I'm sure doing. Sure is nice that this Pentax takes all of those M42 lenses that I've been acquiring!
  5. Hey, guys. Haven't been around in awhile--busy. Selling my K3, M42, VERY good condition, standard 17-69 lens, all the filters, the hand grip and shoulder stock, and it has that battery adapter thingy. Case too, for nostalgia sake. I've NEVER used this camera, it still has the loop formers, and I'm offering a 45-day return on it for legitimate reasons, but there shouldn't be. This is selling right now on eBay for a $250 buy-it-now or best offer, with $20 shipping. I'm letting her go for $150 plus $20 shipping because I need the money and know I'm never going to use it. If anyone is interested, email me or post and I'll take photos.
  6. EXTREMELY entertaining black comedy, but probably the weakest ending I've seen in a film in my life. Like, if the writer(s) just smoked some weed that weekend, they could have come up with a better ending to tie it all together. Rented it this weekend and laughed my a** off, except for the last 15 minutes, where I got pissed off.
  7. Graham, here's a dolly I made out of PVC and an old pair of rollerblades that rides on PVC track--under 25 bucks. You either cover it with a piece of plywood and attach fasteners for the legs, or just drill holes into the PVC and stick the legs in: http://www.cinematography.com/index.php?sh...67&hl=dolly If you want more specifics about PVC lengths, diameters, etc., let me know. But you can put the whole thing together in a few hours:
  8. Holy crap. That had to be a real interesting moment. And when you think about it... My boys are 17 and 12, and if I stuck a Princess phone in front of them, I don't think they would know what to do either. But for those of you in my age group (50), when the Princess came out, it was the coolest thing ever and the best invention since sliced bread. For girls, of course, because the phone companies, or Ma Bell, weren't idiots: They knew that it was women/teenage girls who yacked on the phone for hours on end, and styled a phone just for them.
  9. Matt, that's where I differ, when you say you're concerned with quality--as if an old-style look isn't quality. Plus, we were just talking about the stock footage for this, not your footage. Just hear me out: It is basically IMPOSSIBLE to shoot a credible spot with talent acting as diners, without it looking hokey and horrible. And picking out a fish? And how are those fish going to look when you shoot? (Food styling is a BITCH, best left to the real professionals.) What you want are candids of diners (and deal with the release factor later). In post, you put it together with the other stuff. You're trying to show people enjoying a meal and having a good time, and you just can't stage that. Find excellent stock, then look for the live footage that intercuts with it well.
  10. If you guys do anything from April 23rd through the 26th, I'll buy a round and just listen: I'm flying up there for my 35-year high school reunion. On second thought, I'll buy TEN rounds, because I'm going to need it to face this.
  11. Arjun, are you really a DP as your avatar says? Or is one of our members pranking us here? Because seriously and with no offense at all, and as said above based on your question, you shouldn't go anywhere near film at this point. You have too much to learn about film before you can even consider using it. Which means Ian's post above is going to be WAY over your head, and a waste of bandwidth.
  12. The thing is, for $200 I can get a brand-new rechargeable Zoom digital stereo recorder that fits in my pocket. It's a matter of learning computer/digital audio editing to get it to sound like the old-time stuff, which is easier said than done, but I'm not sure. (Think of a Little Rascals/Our Gang short.) For example, for Woody Allen's Zelig, they threw the film on the floor after processing and just beat the crap out of it to make it look old, like it came from the 30s. However, and I might be wrong, that was done before digital editing, and that might have been the best solution then.
  13. I just think that to visually sell what you're trying to sell--a Greek restaurant in Philadelphia--that you really want that old film look. The latest and greatest image capture technology is indeed the latest, but depending on what you're shooting, it isn't always the greatest. Like, 15% of what you're shooting should be food simply CARRIED lovingly to the table. (NO CLOSE-UPS!) And the other 85% should be people enjoying it. You're not selling food. You're selling people having a great time.
  14. Sorry for not replying sooner, but I passed on it. Didn't trust the answers I was getting from the seller. I'm just using a K3 looking to post snip in non-sync audio of short lengths.
  15. As far as the PAL goes, it might be the local cable company and satellite company that takes a direct feed from a Greek-language station in Greece.
  16. Have you checked the res on that linked stuff? Anyway, photodisc.com used to be a biggie, but they were bought by Getty images, so check them too. Also, have you seen the script yet? It might be cool to use old, dated stock if you can find it and intermix it with what you're doing. Like, "The rich, old taste of Greece," that kind of thing.
  17. Jonathan--I've been to SF just once and absolutely LOVE that city. My cousin lives in Half Moon Bay. But what the hell is a sand dab? (Did I say that right?) The only time I heard of it before was in a Laurel and Hardy movie.
  18. Stayed single? (Just read title of thread and then this.)
  19. Thanks, Hal! I work with electric techs who know this stuff, so that shouldn't be a problem. I know I'm taking a gamble as far as the heads go, but I'm pretty sure those can be replaced as well if need be. If you read the item's description though, I still don't understand why the guy says "hasn't been tested," but I think he means tested with the battery. Anyway, I won't pull the trigger until I get an answer from him. Is it possible that the battery has to be in place for it to power up at all? And sorry for missing the Audio Forum--and I swear, I DID look for one. It's HORRIBLE getting old.
  20. I was surprised to discover that there isn't an audio forum here. Anyway, in my never-ending quest to piss off my wife with even more ridiculous purchases, I'm looking at this: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...=tab%3DWatching I'm waiting to hear from the seller, but do you think the non-supplied battery for this is something readily available? Or would it be a special size and/or mercury, making it unusable as a portable? Also, judging by the adapter description, I'm ASSUMING it powers up through 110. And in case you're curious, I'm thinking of getting it for an old-sound feel. Not really sure, because I think I could manipulate digital audio (digital recorder) and get the same lousy sound--but this looks like more fun.
  21. Hey, you bring up an uplifting point: They only shot film during the Depression, right? So maybe this economic free-fall repeat is a GOOD thing for the medium. I know--bad joke--but you never know.
  22. Just make sure you squint a lot. And never underestimate the power of stock footage.
  23. Oy--my tank is arriving next week, and now I'm more confused than ever. Same formulas apply for Plus-X too, correct?
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