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  1. That thing already exist! Its called: Movie theater! :)
  2. do you have any cut of the movie that is presentable?! If you do: If things get rough, simply publish online, a "DIRECTOR's CUT version for FREE (it sucks) through a third party so that they can't hold you liable for a damage ( your friend puts it on torrent os somethin') so that at least you damage them in a sence of money, honour and credits as much as they damaged you! true you both are loosing in that case , but at least they didn't got what they want! :) :(
  3. Yes, you're right! Law, banking, science.... they all have internships which for the most part refers to a fresh graduate who needs a foot in a real working enviroment. After a trial period they either get hired or apply for a paid position elsewhere based on that internship experiance. But I have a feeling that only in this industry you have a situation where in any single position above the line, you can fine a person who is willing to work for free even if they have a previous experience. Therefore it is expected practice sort of speak to receive and demand a free labor (intership) from your colaborators which ultimatly brings down the value (and the price) of what people in this industry actually do... Than as a cause (or a consequence) you have a catch-22 situation where is normal to provide the "opportunity" (and publicly list it as a job) and willingly to provide the service such as 32 year old serving as an intern in the pre-production department or something.... I mean, what is so attractive about been a office clerk in a film/media company full time and not getting payed for it? :) And the same goes for camera, animation, design departments.... Are we all really such a masochists? :)
  4. Which actually makes you a real COWBOY!!! Finaly you've became a MAN! :)
  5. As me as a gun for hire = you're ruining my career! As me as a producer = I actually deeply benefit from your action! What a biz.... But I guess that's the ultimate free trade open market situation: The one is going to work for the fee that he is willing to work for and his employer is willing to pay him that! But as somebody already posted that here: Do you know of any other career and industry where one will come and say "I am willing to work for free!" :(
  6. He was probably refering to sicial-psycological aspect of 65mm production than the actual tech stuff. Bigger format=more expensive=more eyebrows raised in case of mistake=more pressure=more anxiety etc....
  7. No. I am affraid this just means that we will finaly be able to shoot movies on the simple light condition as is, regardles of daylight or nightlight conditions, without too much need for artificial ways to accomplish a natural look....
  8. Associate producers I suppose?!??! :) :( Did you asked a producer what do they usualy pay? Regardles of the amount he/she says, you have a good starting point for a negotiation!
  9. Don't you think that few live witnesses (her coworkes) are good enough of a proof that she was working there and for the amount of money that she claims she did? But than again, the court might asked her why she accepted to work off the books (cash) which I don't know if she wants to get herself involved in... The question is, did producer rejected to pay her because production run out of money or they have money but they simply don't want to pay her?! Maybe it's not worth to beat the dead horse....
  10. Did you double-checked if small claims court really demands a strong paper proofs in case like yours?!
  11. How do you see union/s to help their members in a times ahead of us, which doesn't seem so bright right now? Now it would be time when they have to prove the meaning of their existence and offer benefit to their members isn't it? I already asked this as a post in one of the other threads here but after several weeks, it didn't generated not a one single answer or opinion! Please take this as an chance to express your opinion that might influence and guide the moves and actions of unions (let the leader hears the voice of its followers), rather than malicious critique and bringing the proofs of how bad and evil union are...
  12. The last post here is from april. Almost 4 months ago... What's the weather report these days? Still slow?
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