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  1. Sony has made some big announcements today including: 1) Camcorder for life: New SRW-9000 ships today at affordable price point and with future upgrade path to 35mm sensor and memory recording. 2) Open and Efficient File-based Workflow with MXF and SR Lite 3) Workflow Benefits with EDL data and color correction using CDL files 4) Delivery of new SR memory as media of future 5) Strong tape archive strategy and realignment of media pricing Read our blog posts about the announcements here: http://blog.abelcine.com/2009/11/25/...proof-roadmap/ And also check out my hands on review with Jesse Rosen here: http://blog.abelcine.com/2009/11/25/...-the-srw-9000/
  2. There is firmware that corrects for some bugs and adds some features. There is a Chroma setting that is added in the Paint->Knee/Level menu. Also this really improves the pixel compensation in the camera. We do this at Abel if you are interested... it's not a simple SD card thing otherwise I'd just send it to you.
  3. The firmware upgrade that enables 720p and the lower XDCAM HD formats is free. You need to buy a software key to enabled the SD recording and playback which is $4k. But the 700 is pretty full featured out of the box now. I don't think we'll ever see variable frame rates in that camera. The Varicam is a great camera. I love the look of it and it is very full featured. I think the GPS data would be very well suited for shooting Nature, Documentary work in unfamiliar areas, and for Military needs. Andy
  4. My company sells P2 Cards and we are all held to MAP or Minimum Advertised Price. That is if we want to sell Broadcast Panasonic products we cannot advertise any price lower then what they list. So all the retailers should advertise the prices at MAP, unless they want to have their deal with Panasonic revoked. My suggesting when buying P2 cards is to buy from someone who knows how to use them and offers some support to their clients. You can buy them for the same price anywhere but you won't always get the same support.
  5. Hey everyone I've been working on a 5 part video series covering the XDCam PDW700 Camera. They cover everything from basic camera function to workflow examples and data backup options. Check out the video series if you are interested in learning more about the camera, and let me know what you think. Abel Cine Tech - Abel’s Sony PDW-700 XDCAM Camera Tour Andy
  6. Hendy I think the PDW700 would be great for green screen. I've tested the camera extensively and one of the first tests I did was using green screen. It was very easy to pull a key because it has 422 color sampling and is a full resolution image. The images it produces are very amazing. The only other camera I would suggest would be the HPX3000, which seems like it is out of your price range. Andy
  7. Barry We do this all the time in our rental deparment. The EX3 has an adapter - the ACM-21 - that takes the B4 (2/3") mount to the EX mount. When using it with HD glass the image is very nice and very clean. The ACM-21 has a pin adapter so the servo works great and the camera has Iris control. When going from 2/3" glass onto a 1/2" chip you will get a magnification on the chip - x1.375 - so you will always be a little longer. Otherwise the image looks fantastic
  8. Hey David It's probably the door release that is stuck. This dries up over time and then the door sticks. Close the door and keep pressing and releasing the blue release switch while holding the door shut. After you do that a few times let go of the door and try the release again. You can give the door a good pull while holding the release forward. This might work for you. If not you can send it up to us at AbelCine. Hope that helps Andy
  9. No.. the Z1U will only playback 1080i HDV footage. To play 1080p you'll need a Z7U or the newer deck. Andy
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