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  1. WOW! Such great news! I just got the e-mail too and got choked up! Great....
  2. Yes Freya I am new! You guessed right. One never seems to escape the school yards...
  3. Why is everyone here filled with vinegar? Why so cynical? Is life just poop and people too?
  4. Another reason any real numbers will be hard to find is that most producers never really divulge how much a film makes. They intentionally keep those #'s secret. Or as Joseph Levine, the producer of The Graduate, when Mike Nichols asked him - "Hey Joe, this thing has really taken off. How much have we made? Can I see the books?" "Sure Mike. Anytime." "Oh, well I'd like to see them... I guess now, tomorrow if possible?" "Well, I keep all the books in Alaska Mike." True story told by Mike Nichols.
  5. Hey Phil - wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? As Kafks once said: "a man who does not have dreams only has nightmares." And that was Kafka for Christsakes! Make a film from yer heart - that means someting to you and you never know...
  6. Happy birthday David. I'm so impressed with your genorosity to everybody on this site. Best, Kevin
  7. I would have to agree with Kazan here - in that you can't tell a Hell of a lot in Auditions - maybe some technical things - but to paraphase Kazan - what yer material is is the life experience of the actor himself. If he/she does not have the character in them you'll only be pulling teeth trying to get it out. Kazan would talk to them, take them out for coffee, meet their wives, girlfriends. Of course you can't do this with everyone - but you can do this with yer initial selects. I was casting a film last fall - that got put on hold - but I had narrowed down my choices from "actors access" Back stage, etc - wherever yer getting yer actors - and I had to cast a mother, father and a teenager. I met with 2 teens and found my teen after having coffee with them. The mother I met with 2 actresses and found my mother, the father I met with 2 actors and found my father. I can tell you that almost all the actors were a little taken by my approach. But no reading of a monologue was going to tell me what sharing a cup of cofee told me. All of them had read the script before hand and in talking to them I could tell what kind of actors/people they were. I also act - I had three auditions recently where in all three situations my character was a husband married for many years. In all three audtions I go in and there are 2 guys there. The director and the Dp shooting video. The Dp read my wives lines in all three audtions. I cracked up in all 3 situations as soon as I walked in the room. Now what the director thought he was gonna see with me reading with his Dp? I don't know. I got call backs to 2 of the auditions - and of course I made adjustments and threw myself into the situation - but I think the director would have been better served to have a chat with me initially and see if I have the meat and bones of the character in me. My 2 cents.
  8. Hey Joel - I recently picked up the 6 dvd box set of Hollywood Camera Work - and I envy you that at your age you could potetially buy it and gleam what are on those disks. I went to film school and even though as my thesis film i got to write and direct a 50 min film on 16mm - after watching the first 15 minutes of disk 1 I was learning more then the 4 years of film school. I'm exagerrating a bit. But that's one powerful tool those 6 dvds - Kevin
  9. Hey I don't know what city you live in - but I did a 2 mintue test from mini dvd to 35mm - wtih Swiss effects - and well if you happen to be in new york maybe we can hook up and see it - if you can arrange for a 35 projector - kevin
  10. I went to film school 30 years ago. After film school I realized I still knew nothing. So I go study acting for the next decade full time. I then study directing full time the decade after that. During those twenty years I write a dozen feature screenplays trying to learn screenwriting. During the last 35 years I don't think I've not seen at least one film per day in that time. I've read hundreds and hundreds of books on acting, directing, screenwriting, cinematography, etc. For the last four years I've tried to watch the films with the sound off to study the camera work. And I still feel like I know nothing. The director is spinning many plates in the air. The last film I made for a solid month after the film wrapped I had night mares of someone from the crew waking me to shoot some scene. Ok the director might not know how to use a spot meter but... well I think you get my point Brian. I will never forget the times where I've been on set and I might not have known where to put the camera or how to help an actor and have felt the cold indifference from some of the tech people. LOL! I'm not sure what brought this all on - except I felt some directing bashing go on in yer post and had to say my peace - it's all good! Peace out.
  11. What the hell.... 1 pather Panchali 2 400 blows 3 Nothing But A Man 4 Home Sweet Home, by Mike leigh, would have to include also , Secrets and Lies and and High Hopes 5 the first 3 films by Terrence Davies. Well now that I'm doing this - going to shoot for another five 6 Killer of Sheep 7 Cul De Sac by Polanski 8 Winter Light 9 Harold and Maude/Being There 10 The films of Terrence Malick I think Do The Right Thing is an amazing film. Yeah.... too many great films...
  12. Hey Rob - yeah I think I found someone to complete the film. Her name is Jenette Sampson, she did a couple of other films, Margaret Chow and something else. Some folks just shimmer up on the screen and she certainly does. Not only does she shimmer, she has real acting talent I think. She's also a stand up comedian. I hope to work with her again. I have another script that I'm shopping around at the moment where she would play the co-lead as well.
  13. The film was shot on mini-dv - I edited it on I-movie - it's not a professional trailer. Just something I put together one night to show to a producer about another project. I was using a dvd of the film that wasn't very good to being with. There's a version on IMDB that looks OK - the one on YOUTUBE not so hot. I'm in the process of finishing the film - the tracks never got mixed. When it's completed I'll put up another version. Sorry for bad quality folks. http://www.imdb.com/video/wab/vi2046099993/
  14. Hey Karel - ever hear the phrase: "there's a difference with leveling with somebody and leveling them?"
  15. Thanks for yer kind words Rob. Yeah we made the film for 50 grand. Ran out of funds to get the film mixed. After many years trying to do that now. I guess I shouldn't have called it a trailer. The best I could come up with was an "extended trailer". Best, Kevin
  16. If interested please look at version at vimeo better quality. http://www.vimeo.com/5080981 - its called flora's garment bursting
  17. Let me just say on behalf of this "extended trailer" it's not a trailer in the traditional sense of say a quick paced 2 minute trailer knock em dead kinda thing. What it is -- I'm not sure. But it's not that. It's more like a little preview of the film. The entire film. Thanks for the feedback though. And I welcome anymore comments. Kevin
  18. Hey sorry about that - it's up and running now. Thanks - Kevin it's called: Flora's Garment Bursting Into Bloom. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glyWrY9iqh4
  19. I directed an indie film a couple of years ago that never got finished. Trying to finish it now. I cut together a little trailer of it on I-movie. Would love to hear any thoughts. Peace Kevin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qny32q0Nzs
  20. Hi folks - trying to complete a feature film I made a couple of years ago. I'm no editor but I cut a little trailer today on i-movie. It's on youtube. Not the best quality - sorry. Just thought I'd put it up because.... see what folks think of it. Peace. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XzBbKDmC1g
  21. Wow! Thanks for letting me know about this! I too have been waiting many many years for this film to be released. I wrote a feature script about Ford called: Silly Willy and The Savage Nomads Go Duck Hunting. lol - Yeah Ford is the best! What a character. Hepburn said he was the most complicated person she had ever met. And when you read about him you quickly realize she's not kidding. Anyway - thanks for letting us know about this! I wonder how I can see it now. I threw my cable box literally out the window many years ago. Wow.... it's finally released. Great news!
  22. What a wonderful thread! This is an issue I've been mulling over for a while. Shooting traditional coverage vs a real concept for the scene and sticking with it. I recently listened to a commentary by G. Willis on the dvd Bright City, Big lights. It was really refreshing hearing this master talk about a scene where a couple is crossing a street and then walks toward the camera and leaves frame. He did it one shot and said "most people would have dollied this shot then go in for 2 ots and then singles. It's all bullshit! Plays nice in one shot! And bam we're out a there!" And then again when a master like Scorsese swirls about the room we all love that too. But I think 'oners' 'moving masters' etc i like the phrase we get to "reinvest' in the image. Like Tarkovksy always talked about making the viewer be a co-creator. I think the viewer gets to participate as a creator when the image is quiet vs shouting.
  23. Was just watching Children Of Men again - an interviewer was talking to G. Willis and telling him that the film reminded him of his work. Thought I'd take another look. Found the below link. twenty questions for Lubezki on Children of Men audio. http://www.collider.com/entertainment/arch...0/cid/13/tcid/1
  24. LOL - found it sorry folks! Now trying to figure out how to delete this post! Probably the info is next to the "directors forum" but I can't see it. I shouldn't leave my house without directions on how to get back. If somebody could tell me how to delete it be appreciated.
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