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  1. I picked up a superb LIBEC TH-2000 Video Tripod at B&H Photo for about $575.00. It will handle up to a 33 lb camera. I use it for my Arri MB. Check out B&H Photo; they have many, many tripods at various prices.
  2. I couldn't agree more. I too have tons of standard 16MM gear - three Arris, a Beaulieu 16R, and even a K3. Don't wnat to bother getting them modified for Super 16. Still shoot with them. Yes, film is expensive, but so what? You mention standard lenses are cheap now. I'd love to get some primes for my Arri 16M. Any suggestions on a cheap source?
  3. Try Jesse Chambless at Chambless Cine Equipment, http://www.chamblesscineequip.com/Default.htm email: bolexcce@ellijay.com He has an assortment of replacement eypieces for various 16MM cameras.
  4. There are two distinct markets for legacy 16MM gear today: "Legacy" users, a diminishing market of people that still love older 1.33:1 aspect ratio, and still shoot it. This group is diminishing as we speak. I'm one of them. Super 16 users, who are growing. If you decide to go this route, you'lll have to get that ACL modified for Super 16. Some production outfits love Super 16 because it looks like film, (well, duh!!!) which digital cannot impart. Lot's of HD stuff is actually Super 16 today. The prices on ebay are all over the map, with Super 16 commanding a higher price.
  5. Bump, to refresh this thread!
  6. Got to shrink that huge picture; it's really slowing down the thread! :o
  7. Radio Shack (in the U.S.) has radio control battery packs and chargers in stock. Try them. That would sollve a lot of your problems. Look for a battery pack that is between 7.5V (DC) and 8V (DC) maximum!!!, and minimum 8 Ampere-hours (8 AH). You will have to rewire it to fit your camera. What kind of camera is that?
  8. OK - I assuume you are somewhere in Europe, what with a 220 VAC mains? Remember that you need DC for the camera. Make sure you get good guidance from an electronics tech to guide you. You will need a mains transformer, rectifier, capacitors and regulators to derive the voltages you want. In any case, 12 VDC is to much for the Arri motors. I believe I provided a circuiit to regulate 8 VDC from 12 volts, in another thread. As far as your voltage drop is concerned, make sure that you use a large enough size of wire to feed DC to the camera. Here in North America, we would use no less than #14 guage wire for the battery to camera conection, 1 meter or less. For a meter (approx 39 inches) or more I would use #12 guage wire. The Arri's draw at least 2.5 Amperes, and that will cause a significant voltage drop in thin wire. I'm sorry, but I have no idea of European wire guages :unsure: or what their equivalents would be.
  9. I'm in my office right now, so I can't check, but unless I'm mistaken, wouldn't the 50ft , double-8 spool out of an 8MM cine camera work? (I have a few 8MM double-8 50ft spools in my shop.) I'll check them and report back. If so, just steal them out of a disused 8MM camera.
  10. Assuming the floor tiles are properly laid, the floor should be relatively smooth. To be sure of smoothness, ensure that you have large pneumatic tires on the dolly.
  11. No reason why not. The C-mount was initially designed for 16MM cameras long before video camaras were designed. In fact C-mounts were chosen for video cameras because of convenience of size, focal distance and suitability of image size. The original 1 inch vidicon is very close in focal distrance, and image size to 16MM film.
  12. Excellent info! Thanks! I'll definitely get in touch with Bernie.
  13. How does one access the ground glass in a K3? Mine is stained, and dirty (dust and dirt). How should one clean the ground glass?
  14. Good thread. I too have Arri 16 mags, Arri M mags and BL. Please indicate sources for these (Harrison?). Thanks
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