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  1. I have had a couple of the royal Bauer cameras and have been working on the same problem. In my case the film counter was broken, telling me I was out of film after 1.5 minutes, once it reached the 0 mark the core would no longer turn. The spindle that drives the cartrige makes the line in the viewfinder go up and down. Would then take out the film and put it in again and it would reset. Ended up disconnecting it. Check that the switch that gets pushed up when the cartridge is put in isn't stuck. ( it's up top on the side)
  2. Make sure all the settings on the 814 are all set on normal and shoot at 18 frames per second. Since you are inexperienced with film I would let the camera make the exposure decisions for now. Don't under estimate the 310xl. If you have a good one the films are great.
  3. The canon 310xl uses a nd4 filter only, then when on use pull the red tab up on the front top, which compensates for the lost light. It's not necessary to use the filter in daylight but helps with faster film.
  4. My question is there anyone who develops and telecines negative that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Or is film just for the industry now and not just for consumers like me?
  5. Not good, surf and super 8 are my passion, what to do but stock up what I can afford and use selectively, was about to buy a new camera. Was
  6. Maybe you could take the meter reading of the subject and switch it to manual.
  7. The cartridge disables, I use a 310xl and had the filter disengaged by the switch. I don't think it matters with that camera. http://www.canon.com/camera-museum/camera/cine/data/1971-1982/1976_514xls.html?lang=us&categ=crn&page=1971-1982&p=2
  8. To complete the plug-in it needs to have the potential to be lost in the post.
  9. Sorry to be a hater but that's pretty ordinary.
  10. I had a Bauer c royal while fell apart at the plastic handle, the only fix for me was tightly bound electrical tape with added pressure over the battery terminals. These cameras are getting on and in my experience the Plastic was a bit brittle
  11. Thanks Richard , I stand corrected. My films always came out pretty well (saturated) have unglued and put it to the daylight (sun) setting. I didnt even see the small filter pin in the film bay. Thanks for the information.
  12. http://super8exchange.com/canon-310-xl-p-227.html here's a manual Hi Garry , the 85 orange filter needs to be moved out of the way so slide the switch to the light bulb. I super glued mine into place( just a smear so I can open it if I ever use tungsten again) and keep the red tab pressed down, unless you have a nd4 filter on the front.
  13. The manual on page 6 says daylight 10-400 and artificial light 16-640 http://issuu.com/filmmaker8.com/docs/minolta_autopak-8_d10_
  14. Yes I did, spent time and money but was still over a stop out, and compared to my Canon 1014 electronic it was just hard work and not worth the risk of bad exposures. Mine was also bought off ebay in about 2007. Had bad battery corrosion but with time cleaned it all as well as it was going to get. Might give it another chance later but probably only with tri-x. Keep your eye out for a 1014 electronic. Your interval timer will work with it, You can never have enough. Glad you got the d10 to work, enjoy
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