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  1. Bokeh. The better the lens, the closer they are to a perfect circle. If the lens used is a cheaper lens, you will get hexagons (or any variety of "-gons" also possible... haha) Though I don't think that's related to circles of confusion at all.
  2. I use fatcow.com for hosting and if you google cheapest web hosts and follow a fatcow link you can get it for something like $44/yr unlimited bandwidth and space, unlimited email accounts, one domain name included, and easy installation of thingslike joomla and wordpress. I have had it for 3 years and have had less than a day downtime, probably less than an hour. If you go with them.. Refer me! :) Stylistic advice; keep it simple. Avoid flash if possible (many industry people may have and iPad or something...) and have your reel on the first page if you can.
  3. Ha! I actually live off Crane Ave I know exactly what EatNPark you're talking about! Sounds like a plan!
  4. Next time I'm in Philly I'd be happy to grab ya a beer! >:)
  5. I just wanted to take a minute to say "thank you" to all the helpful and knowledgeable members of this site. People like me (students/newbies) have so much to gain from this community of professionals. I really enjoy reading all the conversations and have learned so much since I joined here.
  6. Thanks John, There really isn't any editing yet, and the footage that is small and in a box was taken from a low quality version that I have as a place holder until I can contact the director for the original footage. Once I tighten up the editing I will repost. Thanks for your advice on the car piece and black levels. The shark piece was actually just something random that I thought would be cool to shoot when I was shooting a band at the zoo/aquarium. I'm glad someone liked it!
  7. If you're savvy with compositing this would be very easy to do by taking footage of the lead up to the key hole and then the footage you want to be seen through it and compositing it in the hole. Practical with foam core would probably be fastest though.
  8. I've learned the most outside of being on set by watching movies and television. Do yourself a favor and get Netflix and a way to stream it HD to your TV (AppleTV is what I use which is 720P, but there are more like Slingbox or even Xbox360/PS3.) I have learned more about composition and lighting by watching the "Experts" than any book could have taught me.
  9. problems with this, I know, but* Sorry I couldn't edit my post for some reason (assuming because it is a new topic)
  10. I LOVED the opening shot where the camera followed Natalie (her dream,) I was blown away by that shot.. and it all went downhill from there. I think shaky-cam should be reserved for intense action. It works in things like Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers because the characters are running and stuff is blowing up and such. With shaky-cam like this, it doesn't affect me emotionally, it distracts me from the story. When it's overused all I can think about is how much I hate shaky-cam and end up missing important things that happen. It was definitely merited for SOME of the shots it was used in but when it wasn't used,.. I was able to enjoy the film much much more.
  11. Personally I didn't care for the way Black Swan was shot as much as most people I've talked to. I didn't see The Kings Speech yet but out of the other ones I would go for Inception or True Grit. I thought the acting in Social Network was great but the cinematography wasn't breath taking. ...I am a big fan of Wally though, so I hope he wins.
  12. Take a look at your Matte and see if the background is grey instead of black. It seems like it is not keying everything out.
  13. There are tons of problems with this right I know but I wanted to get some critiques on the content for right now (not the editing or music choice which is likely to change.) I still have to convert some of the footage to the correct size from the originals so excuse the size differences Thanks so much for any help and advice, I really appreciate it.
  14. Thank you again for the advice. I'm working on my website now, and I had another opinion-type question for anyone here: I have a domain credit, and I wear several different hats and have multiple sites with portfolios up all branched off from www.ianblewitt.com. As of right now I do the most Photography work, but I intend to do more video work after graduation. Do you think it would be more beneficial to get ianblewittfilm.com or ianblewittcinema.com, or should I get ianblewittphotography.com? I eventually intend to get all of them, but I have a credit on my account right now.
  15. Be sure to shoot your background plates first, that's the most important thing when chromakeying, then light your green screen footage to match. Personally I think depending on what your talent is wearing it might be easier to just do a full circle in the bedroom and rotoscope him out and add the background. Then you won't have any gear in the shot either. Is the shot a medium or close up, or a full body? I can offer some more suggestions too if you let us know what kind of shot it's gonna be.
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