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  1. I am selling my Sony F55 which is in pristine condition. Comes with two brandnew Batteries, Charger, R5 Recorder (4k raw) two ASX Memorycards (512gb each. np 2500$ each), ASX Reader, a optitek prolok mkll EF mount adapter for EF lenses (np 1200$) topplate and bottomplate (arri) shoulderpad, original EWF viewfinder incl. all cables etc. Picture request: randytomlinson67@icloud.com Price is negotiable around 14k The Camera is located in Switzerland!! Im happy to let you test it at location and pay cash.
  2. 10 years and it seems like yesterday. that horrific day changed my life forever. on the 9nth, 2 days before i had some of the most happiest moments in my life. maurita showed some feelings. it was like a flower in the spring. we were just friends but when she left she kissed me on my left cheek, saying: you are silly. and she looked at me with her big beautiful eyes. and then she left. that was the last time i saw her. we wanted to go for lunch on the 11th but it all ended in horror. the tender love that was about to flourish like a flower was blown with the wind. i will never forget maurita. and there is not one minute since 9/11 i didn't love her. sleep well baby. you ran into hell. now you're walking with angels.
  3. i dont know how difficult it is to work illegally in the UK. if you are self employed / freelancer and can get a cash deal, maybe. but its not worth all the hassle. i would go the legal way, apply for a temporary working permit at the nearest UK embassy in the US. i dare to say it is much less complicated for a US citizen to get a working permit for the UK than for a european member to get a permit to work in the US. i have once studied the US immigration law and it is harsh, inhuman and cruel. but the americans give no sh*** i used to be in the US before 9/11 and it was pretty easy back in the days to work. one could get around the system and obtain a social security number. but thats another story haha... the only chance is to get married. enuf said B)
  4. ich hab cinematography an der brighton filmschool mit master BA abgeschlossen, zwei meiner lektoren waren unter anderem christopher wollard (herr der ringe, pirates of the carribean, war of the worlds) und ray moore (2 james bonnd filme, band of brothers und focus puller bei notting hill mit julia roberts) ich selber war runner und 2nd focus puller bei the astronaut farmer mit billy bob thornton und virginia madsen. mit diesem doch eher erheblichen "fachwissen" hab ich mich 3x beworben und empfand es dann doch sehr arrogant als man mir als antwort eine absage schreibt mit der begruendung dass man sich fuer jemanden mit mehr erfahrung entschieden hat. fuer mich grund genug hier in england zu bleiben. ich kann auch arrogant tun. randy
  5. sweeet! :) really like it. well done. is this done with the canon 5D you have? or do you have sequences with the arri in this showreel? respect randy / down in brighton
  6. i dont want to crash it but 64D for indoor? even with a very good and experienced gaffer that won't work 100%. it might look solala but i'd rather save the filmstock for a project outside. maybe you'll find someone who trades 5000ft of tungsten stock vs your 64D? that would be ideal. just dont keep it in the freezer for more than 2 years. cheers randy
  7. haha... woman = trouble. sooner or later they want to take over. control you. but i admit i would love to date my all time favorite most beautiful woman: lindsay lohan! :wub: i LOVE her freckles :-) i would marry her for sure. *sigh* but im a realist and just a regular noname film maker :(
  8. hello, anyone ever had to use a good film courier service because the country you were filming had no certified kodak lab? i am currently in england but consider to go to honduras for a film project. the problem is i am a bit worried about x-ray on the customs. i dont want my films being destroyed. i know there are international working courier services which do not x-ray films. any sugestions? thanks randy
  9. hello are you still intrested in a 16mm cam with 400' mag? i am selling my frezzolini LW16 which is something like a conversion of a bach auricon. i give it away completely with 400'mag. 12-120 angenieux lense, original lense cap, 85B filter etc. the camera is in pristine condition! belts inside have recently been replaced. battery is also included. let me know if you are intrested and we can talk about price... randy
  10. well, i maybe am willing to give all the film away for the right person but only if postage is paid and at least the amount i have paid for it. if one of you guys ai intrested i can send a PM with the full list of films (type and year and how much film on the roll) my location is england randy
  11. Hello i have quiet a few cans with old outdated films like fuji 250D 1999 fuji F250T 2003 fuji 125 from 1999 fuji F500 from 1996 also some 64D film etc... total: film material worth for 70 minutes... i dont know how they have been handled but i have put them into my fridge immediately after i got them. the gyt who sold me these, told me that i should overexposure the film while i am filming. i assume he is right but i just want to make sure and i'd like to know what you sugest? of course i know i wont have a perfect picture anymore but in my case what could i do to get the best possible result? most of the films are nearly full (between 300 and 380 feet) and i dont wanna throw them away but use them to learn. i am a blody rookie in filming 16mm! randy
  12. i have lot of 16mm short ends (about 60minutes) also have 35mm short ends. (3 hours) location is UK great britain considering selling but only in uk. overseas is way to expensive randy
  13. and the new owner (ME) also is here in this forum :-)
  14. i can give you mine. but its a frezzi 16mm with 400' mag and lenses in top condition. check gumtree london sales section cameras. i have it there. or text me: 07902437266 i am asking £30 per day and deposit randy
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