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  1. Hi David, I heard about it, but never seen it. Can you explain better how you load these magazines ?
  2. Hi, I am selling this stock : Kodak Vision 35mm Color Print Film 2383 VCP66 2000ft/610m The films come from a stock that has been kept in a cold room except for transport times. The boxes were never opened. It comes from military supplies. https://www.ebay.fr/itm/Kodak-Vision-35mm-Color-Print-Film-2383-VCP66/132952162256?hash=item1ef490ffd0:g:av0AAOSwoURcV0RZ There is 10 boxes max. Please, feel free to ask me everything you want to know. Philippe (France)
  3. Hi all, I got a nice spring driven Beaulieu R16. Motor is quite OK after a while and many oil. But the image is very blurry, and dark. I was thinking Gougle was full of tips about this camera, but not so many. Does anybody know how to clean it up, or a link which explain that ? Many thanks, Philippe
  4. You can fin Filmo finders on Ebay for 15 to 50 € (or dollars, quite the same). In Ebay/ Europe it is easy to find. viewfinders available: 10mm, 13, 16, 17.5 (0.7″), 20, 25, 40 (quite unusual), 50, 70, 75, (100 and 150mm I think). Not less than 10mm.
  5. Hi Samuel, Of course you can focus because there is a critical focuser on Filmo 70DR. All the explanations you needs are there : https://krasnofilmoandco.wordpress.com/filmo70dr/
  6. Hi, Does anybody knows if modifying GIC 16mm cameras speed is possible, or ever done ? As far as I know, they just run à 16 fps, what is not common or handy. But they are very little cameras, with just 15m spools, more handy than B&H magazine... Many thanks for your answers, Philippe
  7. " Lately I've been looking for wide angle m42 lenses to use on my K-3. I'm quite fond of wide angle lenses, so the limited options available for this camera have been a bit frustrating. Even more so though, I've been really frustrated with the minimum focus of 2 meters on the Meteor 5-1, so my objective lately has been to find a decently wide M42 lens with a much closer minimum focus that I can use as my "normal" lens." Hi Brett, Yes, you're right, wide is a problem with K3. If you like it so much, you can go with a camera like a Bell & Howell Filmo 70 DR, wich is better choice (at the same price) because of itc c-mount. No, it is possible to focus with the Meteor zoom as close as you want. Juste unscrew it smoothly and focus as you want. It is so simple than that. And the meteor is tip top even à F/2... Yes, 17mm doesn't seem very wide nowadays, but by my thought, it is OK for most inside shots. You can get to persons in the frame with no problem, focusing as close as you want by my little trick, even with low light at 8 or 12 fps... You can find here most of the tips here : https://krasnofilmoandco.wordpress.com/quelques-astuces/ And many thanks for Christian for his wonderful images with the Zenitar 16.
  8. Some tips... https://krasnofilmoandco.wordpress.com/
  9. Many thanks for all that. Atelier PROCIREP doesn't do that anymore. But I hope a lot on Quality Light Metric. I have seen that there is no site. Do you know if there is an email address ? It is a little bit difficult to phone to USA with my very very poor english to ask for fixing...
  10. Oops, I poligise, the titlle is : Where to fix Minolta Colormeter II ? I think isn't possible anymore to change my tittle error...
  11. OK, all is in the tittle. I leave in France, but nowadays it can be easier to send it far away to the right person. I bought it at a very low price on Ebay with a set of filters (100x100). But it rate 2800 K° in front of a new redbeam, and 4800 for a cloudy sky. So it's clear that it's all lower than what it would be. Don't know if it is just a calibration issue or perhaps the head is dead. So now I look for the right doctor, hoping it will not be too expensive... Many thanks for your answers ! Phil
  12. here is an example of super16 modified K3 with recentered mount using the original Meteor lens…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjqbR8IyWAg You can see a wide shot at 0.57: a little bit distortion, a little bit vignetting, but it could be considered as very acceptable
  13. To test correct speed, just shoot a CRT screen until the image is stable. So you are at 25fps. You have to do this with film inside, even if unuseable. (https://krasnofilmoandco.wordpress.com/quelques-astuces/)
  14. Sorry for this stupid question, but anyone knows 25mm f/1.4 cooke ivotal filter diameter ? I have seen something between 32 and 32.5 with the caliper, so I suppose it is 32.5mm ? It is some pretty old lens, but very crisp and no indication on it...
  15. Hi, Here is a link (https://krasnofilmoandco.wordpress.com/k3/) about K3 and all I know about it. First french and english translation after. K3 is a nice movie camera...
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