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  1. In no particular order... -John Toll -Caleb Deschanel -Christopher Doyle -Roger Deakins -Sven Nykvist
  2. The Sony VX1000 is hands down the best mini DV camera ever to hit the market. My theory is that since it was one of, if not the first, pro-sumer camera to come out, Sony made it better than it needed to be. Sure it doesn't have the LCD screen but what it does have is an image that most can't produce on their best day. Even the more recent cameras to hit the stores just seem underpowered next to it.
  3. Just wanted to see what films in your opinion were missing from the Oscar list for Best Cinematography. Personally I thought The Good Shepherd was a no brainer for a nomination, and couldn't believe that Perfume (my favorite of the year) was ignored!
  4. I was about 18 when I was told that all the credit I've been giving to Directors should have gone to Directors of Photography! 18 Right Handed Taurus
  5. I've been looking forward to this film for awhile myself. I always had a thing for movies about Warhol and the gang. I think Warhol is one of the most used personalities in film if you think about it. Tons of people have played him throughout the different stages of his career. Also Ms. Sedgwick wasn't too hard on the eyes. I have to agree about using different stocks to get different looks. I make fun of my friends who shoot in HD and then spend hour upon hours trying to get it to look like super 8 when all it takes is a $100 camera and a couple rolls of film. I really look forward to the film.
  6. I really wanted to see it before, and now I want to see it even more. Tykwer is one of those directors that tends to have fairly long periods of time go by between films, and to me that's great because you get the impression that he's pretty selective. His films are great, and it's good to know he has another good one out now.
  7. For me I think the inspiration came from one of the first films I can remember seeing in a theater. It was THE BLACK STALLION and was shot by Caleb Deschanel. As I got older I really dug the work of Sven Nykvist, Christopher Doyle, John Toll, and Freddie Young(Lawrence of Arabia).
  8. It was a projected background, and another dead give away was the fact that the smoke from his 'Red Apple' wasn't going anywhere when he had the window open.
  9. Great question. I'd have to say... Michael Mann and Danti Spinotti - MANHUNTER, HEAT, THE INSIDER Bergman and Nykvist - WINTER LIGHT, FANNY and ALEXANDER, etc Sam Rami and Bill Pope- Army of Darkness and Spiderman 2, Spiderman 3 and of course... Wong Kar Wai and Chistopher Doyle!!
  10. Great list we've all put together, but I'm sorry to say that there is one that I hope no one has seen because it very well could be the worst film ever assembled. It's called CAGED TERROR, and comes from the wasteland of the mid - 70's 'counter culture' that never was. Set in the south... what a shock... with takes so long of people crying that it really looks like the camera op didn't have any idea as to how to turn the camera off! Two villans who 'just got back from 'nam' yet have blacksploitation sized afros, terrorize a couple who roll around the grassy fields until they eventually seek shelter in a chicken coop.
  11. All good advice, but the fact that there IS so much to learn is why I love cinematography. I doubt if you ever stop learning. Just realize that even those who you look up to were once in your position.
  12. A true loss of a master who had influenced almost everyone in this field to pick up a camera and a light meter. Though he had not worked in many years, the cinematic world is now a dimmer place.
  13. I agree with David. DIRECTING ACTORS is great, and I'm currently trying to find the follow up to it. I believe it's called The Directors Intuition (?) None the less Directing Actors really made me think in a different way about how to communicate with actors.
  14. As far as taking chances and creating a look in-camera, that's what cinematographers get paid for. It's not magic, you can shoot tests. I understand that, however there is a step called 'Processing' that is usually how many people get 'the' look of the film. If more Directors had the guts of Tony Scott where he'd probably allow a DP to throw paint on the film as it was shooting, that would be great, but many aren't that brave.
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