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  1. Repair manual for the 5008 is in this dropbox folder: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wsz7x0joghgjvja/AADq-qeOV0PFjSrzzb5g6m9qa?dl=0
  2. My guess is that the plate under the leather is threaded into the body like the later batteries. If there are no holes in the cap you could try drilling a couple so you could use a pin wrench to unthread. Even with holes in the later caps, these are almost impossible to unscrew due to aluminum to aluminum corrosion. Good luck!
  3. I disassembled one of these a few years ago. Photos are here: http://imgur.com/a/If73W Hopefully these will be some help. Steve
  4. Dom - Take a bow? Your piece is a real tribute to the beauty of this camera. Steve
  5. The grease in these cameras turns to a solid over time. If you press the release button while heating up the inside with a hot air gun or a hair dryer set on low - it just might start running. Good luck! Steve
  6. Does anyone know if this needs to be lubricated? If so, with what? I am tempted to use some McLube which dries completely and is very "fast". Trying to get my R16 back together - I had it apart to clean the glass in the finder tube. I couldn't find a way to get to them without taking EVERYTHING apart. Thanks! http://imgur.com/a/jv6rO
  7. A long time ago, I made a simple plaster casting from the broken parts and cast a couple of polyester resin battery doors. They functioned but were crude. These cameras are beautiful and worth repairing - even if the spares cost more than the camera.
  8. It looks like my file didn't attach. I posted two magazine loading files to the yahoo cinecamera group under files: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CineCamera/files/ I have reloaded quite4 a few magazines and they have all worked just fine. It does give you a chance to use some really compact 16mm cameras.
  9. I have loaded magazines following these instructions. It does help to make a little flatbed winding board to load 50' spool.
  10. I will check mine when I get home but I am pretty sure that the batteries fit in a plastic case with pos/neg contacts. You might have to buy a battery holder and solder some contacts on it - or return it and buy one that includes the battery case. Steve
  11. David - I have only used the R16 but I do have a remote battery holder. When I plug the battery pack for the R16 into the remote holder I get the correct voltages at all of the pins so yes, this appears to be a Beaulieu standard. The R16 manual states that pin #1 is negative and pin #3 is positive. Apecity.com has 4008 user manuals as well as the 4008 repair manual if you want to go through the wiring schematic. Have fun! Steve
  12. David - Looking into the socket - The 3 o'clock pin is the ground, the 12 o'clock pin is 3.6 volts for the meter and the 9 o'clock pin is 7.2 volts. If you have a Beaulieu battery - the center is 7.2, the middle is 3.6 and the outer ring is the ground. ....hope this helps. Do a test before you solder anything to make sure it works. I have built a few battery packs for the R16 with 6 AAs tapping 3.6 volts at 3 batteries and they work great. Steve
  13. My daughter just placed an order with Kodak today (1(800)621-3456) for some 16mm Tri-X reversal in 100' loads. With her student discount she paid $18.34 a roll. Kodak still gives students a great discount!
  14. I just noticed that the Kodak online store stopped selling film as of October. Too bad!
  15. Having the exploded view and instructions was a big help - thanks again Dom. The oil on the shutter shaft had dried up on my DL. Once I got the shaft cleaned and some fresh oil on the shaft it ran fine. I couldn't resist putting a little grease on the cam that operated the pull-down claw - a little grease on the plate that moved the claw towards the film as well. There are 5 parts with springs so you do have to pay attention to this or they will take off across the room.
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